Friday, February 28, 2014

feeling like home


 walked back by her room.. and she had already moved position
no lie, this child can not stay still in her sleep!


Pandora is playing, more like blaring..
because I can. no sharing walls with another unit. loving it
lex is in the next room over sleeping right through it
It feels like heaven having my own space for my own office.
the walls are still bare but i kinda like it.
leaves more room to think
I'm pretty sure I have never known what to do with all this space..
but trust me im loving it, i'll do just fine adjusting :)

my little desk right there... and the chair for that fact
was crammed in lexi's closet in our townhome.
her clothes stayed in her old closet the room that got turned into the playroom.
so thats where I worked.. don't get me wrong i still loved it
but i'm feeling much more free with the time that I can "work"
in my own space with my clean walls..
today feels good.
there's a mess in the playroom, dishes still in the sink that i haven't gotten to,
dinner still needs to be started..
but i can finally say i am feeling much more
refreshed after the creative funk I've been in.

oh and did i mention i can't paint the walls
it's killing me.. i'm trying to learn to love the beige..
but it is hard, only looks good when there is sunshine pouring in the rooms..
otherwise it give me those nasty yellow cast chills! bleh!

I have another beauty video tutorial in the works for Tuesday!
Can't wait to share this one with you all, I think yall will love it!


  1. These photos of your home feel so light and airy. I love it. <3

  2. Aww I love it!! It's looking beautiful already!

  3. Boo for beige walls, but I am loving that you are feeling at home here! Everything is bigger in Texas, including the houses!

  4. So glad that you guys are getting all settled in (and yay for more space!!) Are you liking the weather?! I am so ready for change and to move away from the frozen tundra! Love the pics.

    1. yes it keeps flip-flopping on us but i love it here!

  5. Your new place looks amazing. Everything looks so crisp, modern and clean.. I LOVE IT. How come you cant paint the walls?

    1. Because my husband won't let me.. hah they want $200 deposit for each room we paint & we are only in this house for a year so it's just not worth it :) (we are renting the first year)


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