Friday, February 21, 2014

From Idaho to Texas, a recap

 Tyson's cousin drove the UHaul for us so me & Lexi didn't have to drive seperately.
It's crazy when you see your entire life condensed like that!

I had surgery Jan 30th (catch up on what that was for here)
and 6 days later we were packing up the UHaul..

The surgery seemed to be a bigger deal than I had originally thought it was going to be,
I had it on a Thursday afternoon and didn't get out of bed until Sunday..
The day before the surgery I had to basically cleanse my body with lovely laxatives -
it was also a day of packing and luckily everything didn't hit me until bed time.. but i woke up in the middle of the night sweating to death and throwing up and literally felt like i was going to die.
(I don't know how people do morning sickness each pregnancy)
I felt like complete crap then headed to the hospital the next day around 11.
After surgery was over I was super tired and felt super nauseous!
The nauseous stayed for the next couple days.. They also made an incision in my belly button (luckily they only had to make one), so the recovery for that was quite different.. they inflate your abdomen with gas which helps to open things up for the doctor to see when they go in & that caused weird after surgery pains through my chest which affected sleeping and laying.

My doctor didn't really prep me at all for the surgery or what to expect afterwards..
so I didn't think it would be that big of deal. Luckily I had a friend who had read my post that I linked to above and she just had a similar laparoscopy surgery so she prepped me / scared the crap out of me before hand. I think it's smart to know what you are getting yourself into but it made my nerves skyrocket.  The only night food sounded good was surprisingly the night I had surgery.. probably because by then I hadn't eaten in 24 hours. Luckily Monday I felt 80% better and I was able to jump back on packing. Sitting in bed for three days was not enjoyable and I literally had anxiety thinking about everything we still had to do! Wednesday 1 day shy of a week later I was feeling 100% normal other than the incision in my belly button which just hurt to touch or bend. I had my check up and I was given the OK to lift again! Perfect timing.

[I guess I should mention that when the doctor went in to check for possible scar tissue or blocked tubes everything looked completely normal. When I got out of surgery I wasn't quite sure how to feel about it.. because obviously I was thinking there was a good chance one of those two things were the reason why we weren't getting pregnant.. I was hoping there was something we could "fix" but after a week of thinking and about a million people asking (exaggerating obviously but sometimes it feels like you are getting everyone's opinion when you are so open about topics like this)  I decided I was ok with that news. It was a even more sign that everything happens on His time.. not mine. So we will just continue our wait.. whether I like it or not :) I just feel so much better knowing we ruled those out and knowing we did all the test we could and glad that part is all over with!]

We had about 8 of Tyson's friends show up and help us load our home into the UHaul.. I thought we were prepared until it came time to load and there were a million things still not finished.. I get stressed all over again just thinking about it! We would not have been able to leave that next day if it weren't for everyone who came over to help us & help with Lexi that week! It's such a blessings to have good friends! Also in the midst of packing up the UHaul Diggys new mom came to get him.. I was to stressed to even really think about it and still almost refuse to put too much thought into it. It's easier that way.. if you are new or missed this portion - the house we are renting in Texas doesn't allow pets.
Oh and did I mention the wind chill that Wednesday night got to -20... it was beyond miserable!

That night we stayed at his grandparents and the next morning we got on the road.
After two long days of driving, we arrived in Texas!
We drove to Albuquerque the first night and ran into quite the snow storm
which got us at the hotel at around 3am which was a pretty miserable night!
Once we finally arrived my parents were there to meet us,
they drove from Memphis which is about a 6 hr drive and helped us get all moved in!
They were life savers and helped us get the majority of everything done!
Ty had that first week off work so we used that to get all settled in!

Everything is starting to feel good, two weeks later we are finally getting internet!
Our house is starting to feel like home and our church ward has been more than welcoming!
We are having slight Tyson withdrawels and realize how lucky we have been to hang out with him the past 6 months! Welcome to the real world!! haha
Friday's are now starting to mean something to us!

Lexi sometimes still ask to go back to our old home and that she misses diggy,
I just let her know its ok to miss them but we will have fun here in Texas too.
I think she will be fine once she gets more activities and friends here..

Before we left I made sure to take some pictures of Lexi & Diggy together one last time!
He has never loved the idea of sharing the house with another "baby"
he is not an agressive dog by any means but he dodged lex at all cost.
Lexi still loved him for it but we had to force pictures ;)
He also had a marking problem that made things easier to find him a better home.

 with all the craziness this last month, we never got around to getting his hair cut!


  1. Yay for updates! Glad things are going well in your new home state :) Hope I didn't push too many opinions on you, if I did, that wasn't my intent. Miss you guys!

  2. I started following your blog from Ashley's blog and I think of you often! Just read this on Facebook today and thought of you--thank you for being so open about your miscarriage and pregnancy struggles, you are an inspiration to many! Here is the link:

    1. thank you so much for your comment, means a lot! :)


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