Monday, February 17, 2014

Rainboots for Spring // Mom & Mini


Whether it's rain or slush from the snow, spring is the perfect time to pull out your rain boots!
It's an easy go-to comfy outfit and something super quick to pull together! 
Joules is company based in the UK
but they are making their presence here in the US, and for good reason!
They seriously have the absolute cutest rain boots,
they have tons of styles to choose from and it was hard to pick just one favorite!

Hoodie: Husbands sweatshirt I accidentally shrunk from Kohls ;)
Pink Under Top: DownEastBasics
Blue Leggings: Lulu Bella in Rexburg
Rainboots: c/o Joules

Pink Sweater: DownEast Basics
Dreams Do Come True Tee: Osh Kosh
Blue Polka Dot Leggings: H&M (old)
Headband: I cannot think of where I got this for the life of me
Rainboots: c/o Joules


  1. Awww you guy's are just adorable!!! Love the matching boots and leggings!

  2. haha "accidentally shrunk from Khols"...oh i've been there and done that! sweet that his sweater looks so cute on you! and loving those polka dot rainboots!

  3. I absolutely love those rain boots!! It makes me even more excited for spring! You both look gorgeous!


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