Friday, February 21, 2014


I only had the chance to meet 2 of my grandparents.
My Mom's Mom & my Dad's Dad.

That left me never meeting my Mom's Dad & my Dad's Mom.
They both died of cancer before I was born.

This February Kohls is making a special effort to support Breast Cancer Awareness.
I was asked if I would be interested in talking about Breast Cancer Awareness
here on Pillow Thought and I thought it would be the perfect time
to reach out to my Dad & Aunt and learn more about
my grandmothers battle with Breast Cancer.
(It was not something that my Dad really opened up about growing up.)

After listening to both my Dad & my Aunt talk about their mom,
I have a greater appreciation and respect for her.
I learned a lot, cried even about what all they went through as a family.

My grandmother, Grace found a finger size lump under her left breast right before Christmas.
The week after Christmas she went in and got it checked, the doctor gave her antibiotics to see if it would go away. It went down a little but came back. She knew it wasn't suppose to be there and she knew it wasn't good so she was persistent with her doctor. He then sent her to a cancer center.
It was the 2nd week of February (around this time of year) when they went in to take the lump out, the family waited in the waiting room and the doctor told my Papaw he would call down when he found out what it was. The doctor called, it was cancer and it was bad. It was in 13 of her 14 lymph nodes so they proceeded to do a mastectomy right then and had to scrape her ligaments.

She went through radiation and got the highest dose she could back then.
They found out in July that it had spread to her lungs & by August of 1980
cancer had taken her life.
She was 59 years old and she had braved Breast Cancer through the end.

The chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer
some time during her life is a little less than 1 in 8.
And for every woman who is diagnosed,
there is a family who hopes for a cure.
That’s why Kohl’s is striving to make a difference.

This spring, Kohl's is addressing “The (Pink) Elephant in the Room,”
where we remind everyone to stop overlooking the issue of breast cancer
and, instead, to have a conversation about it with the women they love.
We’re also encouraging women to take action and get a breast health screening.

Recently, the effectiveness of breast self exams (BSE) has come under fire.
The National Cancer Institute has said that BSE may not be effective in finding cancer early.
If a lump is produced, the cancer most likely has already spread throughout the breast
and maybe in to the adjacent lymphatic tissue (the tumor is malignant).

They have recommended the following for women without a family history
Women in their 20′s and 30′s to receive Clinical Breast Exam (CBE),
that is one with your doctor, every 3 years.
Women over 40 should get a Mammogram and CBE every year as long as they are in good health.

With a family history, they have recommended
that women should receive an MRI and Mammogram every single year.
which is the category that I belong to.

I actually went in 3 years ago for finding a lump in my breast.
I would also have random sharp/shooting pains periodically.
I didn't even really think about my breast cancer family history too much
because it was not something that was really talked about as I grew up..
but I still took the lump pretty serious.  I went into the doctor and they did an exam
and then I went and had a ultrasound done up at the hospital.. everything looked good and they did not see anything to worry about. It was worth all the money in the world to get it checked out.

6 months later I went in again to have a follow up and I got everything checked
and everything still seemed to look normal.
After being aware of that lump I felt, I noticed that my breast tend to change throughout my cycle.
Being aware of whats normal for you is KEY!
Don't hesitate to get things checked it's always safer to find things as early as you can!

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  1. This is such a sweet and beautiful post. It's amazing the things that we can learn of our relatives after they're gone. After my grandpa died my grandma moved in with my parents and I've been able to learn so much more about him and their incredible relationship. Cancer is a horrible thing and I want it to end soon.


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