Monday, March 3, 2014

bipolar weather

Yesterday it was 80's today it was in the 20's and sleeting.
But I'm not going to complain..
because even though it was freezing today I can count on it warming right back up!
Having it hit 80 on a Saturday was even better because we got to spend it outdoors as a family!
Although hitting up the zoo on a Saturday
might not have been our smartest decision,
seeing how that was on everyone else itinerary too that day!

 Lexi Outfit: Dress/ H&M | Belt & Sandals / Zara (past seasons)


  1. Our weather is just crazy. I'm in West Texas and we were in shorts and sundresses on Saturday and are bundled up and avoiding slipping on ice today. Four seasons, one week.

  2. So fun! Lexi's dress is perfect. This weather is totally nuts, but totally Texas...bipolar!

  3. The Fort Worth Zoo--one of my all time favorites!!! Lexi was the cutest one there!

  4. This may be a repeat comment?! We should totally have a pillow thought fan play date! Wednesday is half price day :)


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