Monday, March 10, 2014

game changer for tea parties

bohemian tee: Zara
We have discovered a game changer in tea parties..

my husband bought Lexi this kinetic sand almost a year ago
it's sand that doesn't leave a mess.. well sort of
it's a manageable mess
and we have recently discovered
it is literally perfect for pretending to cook
cupcakes, cakes, and
whatever else a three year old
wants to imagine!

think back in the day,
back to mudpies at the end of your drive way
it's like that...
only you can use this in the house with a little play kitchen!


  1. That's perfect!! My daughter would love that. I just bought my daughter the same Melissa and Doug shopping cart, it's too cute!

  2. oh i think Bronx would love this stuff! thanks for telling us about it!

  3. Oh that looks so amazing!! I will have to get some of that!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. My boys got this for Christmas and love it! Such a unique toy.


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