Wednesday, March 5, 2014

our morning

I normally wake up in the middle of the night or morning to kicks in my back..
there's almost always goodies or surprises we find in our bed
things she has traveled with through the night
it's always cute to see what things she thinks to bring.
One morning she came downstairs in slippers,
sure was a cute sight

In the mornings I always have to go back to her room to turn off her t.v.
I'm sure our electric bill from that tv alone would be annoying to see
but if it means that she feels safer and will atleast fall asleep in her room
than I'm willing to pay that price.

we were asked to substitute teach for her sunbeam class last sunday,
the lesson was being thankful for water.
I may have made the mistake of wording it wrong..
but i passingly said without water we would die.
yes a bit harsh.. but i did mention plants would die without water too..

sunday night as she was thinking up her million excuses and problems
as to why she should not be going to bed.. (this is a nightly thing)
she cried out she needed water because she did not want to die..
ty got her water.
I briefly heard a little bit of her whining from downstairs
then ty filled me in on the rest of the story when he came back down.
i just had to laugh.
you can't fight with that excuse & i'm sure not teacher material, thats for sure.


  1. This is beyond precious! I'm sure it's hard to resist that pure adorableness!

  2. nighttime routines are always tough. I find that around 5 yrs of age, things get a little better. our little guy is about to turn 4 this month, so i am hoping we can work on him consistently staying in bed at night.

  3. Hahaha! That sounds like something I would say!

  4. This is so cute and it really made me smile! I said to an 5 year old once (after several hours of pointless tantrums) that I don't know what you're so upset, it's only a pen, no one died. Which led to numerous conversations and issues about death. I wont make that mistake again!
    Gorgeous photographs...!

    Katie x

  5. Nice pictures! She is beautiful!


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