Monday, March 24, 2014

sharing the most special day of my life with my daughter

When I was home last my dad for some reason wanted me to take my
wedding dress back with me, now that I finally had a way of taking it without paying shipping..
Then my friend Bailey reminded me that I should take pictures of Lexi in it
like the ones on Pinterest
The idea is..
You photograph your daughter in your own wedding dress when they are a little girl
and then when her big day hopefully comes
you can then give the pictures to her on her own wedding day as a gift
or display it at the reception.
Anyway you wanna do it.. it is the sweetest idea I had ever seen!
So I was so thankful when my friend reminded me about it during
when my dad was trying to convince me to take it home with me!

I also kept my tiara and earrings so I incorporated those too :)

 photo LexiWeddingDress14bw.jpg

 photo LexiWeddingDress13bw.jpg 

 photo LexiWeddingDress7bw.jpg
 photo LexiWeddingDress12bw.jpg
(I had her stand on a stool under the dress)


  1. This is stinkin' cute and adorable!

  2. Wow! Great idea :) I will have to remember this so that when Ava get a little older I can do this with her! Thank you for sharing.

    The McGuire Family

  3. We did this with our girls last year. I still treasure those pictures and look forward to her wedding day. We have the shirt my husband wore and at the time my youngest fit into the flower girl dress. One of my favorite pictures is of my husband and 2 girls in outfits from our wedding.

  4. Precious. I love the last one.

  5. she looks so cute! I want to do this w Breanna

  6. she is so beautiful, and these pictures are great. what a wonderful keepsake!

  7. These are so precious! She is going to be so thankful on her wedding day when she can display these beautiful photos :)

  8. I love this idea!!!!! Look how cute she is in your dress! Precious.

  9. This is such a beautiful idea!! I love your photos!!

  10. O my gosh, that is a really lovely idea! Writing it down right now. Love your blog by the way!

  11. This is the cutest thing ever….I WANT A GIRL!!! She looks gorgeous…Awww I want a girl!!! So much testosterone in my


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