Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter

We have 9 o'clock church so our Easter morning was pretty rushed..
I didn't even really get a picture of her basket (not that it was anything special)
before she dived right into it.. I forgot to get a picture of her cute little bunny pjs too which I was annoyed about but thats what ya get when you are not a morning person and you are trying to accomplish everything before we headed out the door..
Ty woke up even earlier to prep the ham so it would be done for a late lunch/early dinner.
We had the shredded brown sugar kind that taste delicious along with funeral potatoes.
I am so lucky to have a husband who cooks!! He is my hero!
I wish I had the motivation to cook us up something amazing and had side dishes planned
followed with a nice desert.. nope not that's not in me.
my sister and mom are good about things like that, but not me.

We had lunch/dinner outside and finally put together our bird feeder.
We have a million birds that hang around our backyard on pole lines and I love hearing them chirp,
so I wanted to give them an extra incentive for hanging around and singing us sweet tunes.
We also have little cotton tail bunny rabbits in our neighborhood, they tend to flock to our backyard closer to sunset and at night but it's always a treat when we see them..
we may have fed them a couple times by zip-tie'ing carrots to our fence.
haha we are pathetic but it makes for good entertainment.
So Ty left a carrot out for the Easter Bunny this year
and it was left on the table with Lexi's Easter basket.

That night we headed to our friends house for a little egg hunt
which we ended up doing inside because it started pouring on us haha

dress c/o Over the Loom

I totally captured he showing the bunny in our yard her bunny tail.
cutest candid I've captured in a long time

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