Wednesday, April 9, 2014

the last couple of weeks

You know its bad when your parents are getting onto you about not blogging...
I guess I just feel like I never get my camera out and I don't have tons of pictures to share but I figured I could atleast not desert this little space and give an update :)

A couple of weeks ago Tyson's grandparents came to visit! We decided to check out a Wildlife Ranch a friend has recommended called Sharkarosa.  It was one of our nicer days weather wise so it was fun to get out! It's a more hands on type of petting zoo and Dirty Jobs actually filmed an episode there. Lexi wasn't too sure about getting up close and personal with the animals :)

Last Saturday our little city had an Eggstravaganza, we were planning on going a month ago but then when it came down to it the weather was suppose to be really cold that day so we decided not to go, we went out running errands and we just happened to be right by as it was about to start and lexi saw it all going on out the window so we decided to suck it up and just go! I didn't have my camera with me or even an easter basket.. iphone had to work and luckily they had little bags for the kids!  It was cold and it ended up raining a little at the very end of the hunt so we headed out right after we collected our eggs :)

Last week I found out that Disney on Ice was here in Dallas, so we got tickets and made a family outing out of it! We headed downtown early and had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then headed to the show. Me and Tyson both seem to love seeing Lex light up with excitement and Disney on Ice did just that, she was in heaven with all of the princesses!



  1. Disney on Ice looks like so much fun! Now I'm going to have to look it up if it's coming here :)

  2. We just missed the Disney on Ice here in town.So jealous!

  3. How fun! Glad you're getting to experience a lot of what this area has to offer!

  4. Yay for an update, you've been quiet... Hope all is well, lets see some more pics of TX!

  5. Such fun! Disney on Ice looks very entertaining. Your daughter's facial expressions are priceless. I need to find out how close it comes to our town, and take my daughter!


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