Saturday, May 10, 2014

bike rides & petti skirts

 ohhh I think I finally have my allergies under control!
Spring has been a pure nightmare as far as head congestion,
eyes itching like crazy, & non stop sneezing!

tonight I managed to actually enjoy our night photographing this little one riding her bike..
something I haven't felt like I could do for an entire month!

I always saw those commercials for allergies but never realized
just how painful and restraining allergies can get.
I still have some eye itching problems, but I think I have a good eye drop that will manage it
I have been living in my glasses for the last two weeks
and of course last week I got this crazy painful sty on my eye
that still hasn't gone away.. hoping that too will disappear.

anyways I hope all of you moms/future moms out there enjoy your Mother's Day weekend!
I'll be squeezin mine extra tight tomorrow, thanking the stars for all that she has blessed me with!

Also, there is a HUGE giveaway going on over on
Mommy's Little Sunshine
They are giving away these petti skirts for FREE, all you pay is $9.99 shipping
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