Thursday, May 1, 2014

missing diggy

This morning at the allergy doctor they asked if we had pets and I said no.
Lexi who was playing on the floor with a doctors office toy
looks up at me (like I just told her santa clause wasn't real) and was like yes we do, Diggy...
I then told her, but he doesn't live with us right now..  and I just kept going with the doctors q&a.

saddest. thing. ever.

I have been a little on the emotional side lately when I think about Diggy.
I had a dream that he wasn't doing good a couple of weeks ago and I think it started surfacing those feelings I never dealt with when we gave him to his new home
I don't know what Lexi thinks.. she still talks about him like he is ours.
When we left Idaho all we really told her was "Diggy is going to stay with his new mom now"
neither me or Ty really wanted to go in to detail with her on what that meant.. nor do we now

She still includes him when we talk about our family.. if we are talking about family members first and middles name for example she will chime in with diggy and ask what his middle name is.. which I don't mind but I so wish I knew what she thinks of or when/if she thinks we are getting him back.. I don't really ask because I'm not sure I want to know or have to let her down.

A couple of hours later while we were at Lexi's swim class I got a text with a Diggy update from his new mom.. We are seriously so blessed to have found her.. it's been a while since I have had any type of update so I know it came when it needed to. And as we were driving home I see this tiny little dog crossing this main street next to the entrance of our neighborhood.. I couldn't stop thinking about Diggy and I just knew I had to turn around and atleast try to get this little dog.. luckily the dog had crept over by a fire station and I was able to pull over right by him.. I got out of my car and the dog just rolled right over wanting to get his belly rubbed. (that's always a good sign I'm not about to get bit..) so I reached over and grabbed him and checked his tags.
Luckily we were able to return him to his home :)
and don't mind lexi.. she took off her swim coverup in the car but she does have panties on hah!

so I thought I better jot down my feelings about Diggy while they are fresh and since every little thing today keeps getting brought back to Diggy.. oh and his birthday is next week, he turns 8!


  1. Oh! I'm so sorry to hear you're upset. Kids have incredible memories though, we moved house in 2012 when my eldest was two, leaving behind our cat, and he still mentions him now!! Sounds like he's in good hands!!

  2. So sad :(
    We've got a yorkie too & our 16month old girl is absolutely in LOVE with him. I love knowing that she gets to grow up with a good friend. At least Lex had diggy for awhile....Thoughts, and lots of love for you!


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