Monday, May 12, 2014

Red Sox Game

back story for personal record//
Well in case you don't already know, we kinda like our red sox.. like a lot.
Wherever we live we have always made it a point to make it to a Red Sox game
when they are playing a team near us..
so this week was no different, Ty told Lexi earlier this week that he had a surprise
for her when he got home from work and when he got home he gave her the tickets.
I'm pretty sure that wasn't the surprise she wanted but this girl gets excited about anything
her dad gets excited for so she knew what to look forward to all week.

Thursday night Ty was watering the grass,
I was sitting in the driveway while Lexi rode her bike..
Ty yelled to Lex "are you excited for the game tomorrow? who do we get to see.."
and she said Big Papi
 this is Tysons all time favorite player and Lexi knows exactly who he is
from the games we've been to or seen on tv..
anyways Lexi proceeded to say she wanted a photograph with him.
ohh the lovely age where you think anything is possible..
Ty's too far away to take over
so I proceed to tell Lex that's near impossible
we have been to a billion games and you hardly even get close to the players..
let a lone get a picture.
so she is pretty presistant about the whole photograph thing
so I tell her to go tell Dad..
so she goes over to him and tells him the same thing
of how she wants a photograph with big papi..
ty thinks she is saying autograph
and I proceed to tell him no.. she wants a photograph.
and I'm pretty sure she wants a photograph b/c we saw him on TV
a couple of weeks ago /months ago??
where he was holding a little boy and I remembered her turning to me
and asking/reassuring herself he's a nice guy? He likes lexi's (kids)?
I don't remember how exactly she worded it but I remember at that point she realized
in her head it made him not scary and for some odd reason led her to believe you can
take pictures with him... and obviously me & ty have apparently made him
cool enough and the equivalence of getting your picture taken with Cinderella at Disneyland.

so anyways, Ty.. in his anything is possible attitude
decides we should totally make a sign for Papi and "maybe".
With the whole Big Papi & the President "selfie" that has been going on in the news
we found our tagline :)

so we headed to Michael's at 8pm to get the supplies and we were pretty pumped about our idea.
Lex fell asleep in the car and we had what felt like a little date night just the two of us..
since she was out in the stroller.

So obviously Tyson likes to get at the games as early as you can..
game starts at 7:05.. we're there at 5.
Apparently there are a hundred other crazies
because we were not alone waiting for the gates to open.
Red Sox were doing batting practice so lex hung out on Ty's shoulders and held her sign
we had a couple of players make eye contact and read our sign and once Big Papi
acknowledged us and the sign we knew we had a slight chance..
i mean how can you say no to a little girl with a sign??

Once Big Papi was done and headed back to the dugout
he pointed and waved at lex and he stopped to pick up a baseball to throw to us
and it didn't make it so he tossed us another and then I yelled
"will you take a picture with her?" and he said yes!
we were a bit frantic that this actually was about to go down
and tried to figure out how to convince lex to go down to the news camera man
and then get handed off to Big Papi..
she was such a trooper!!
He was soo nice and even signed a ball for us!
and that just set the tone for our night,
we were completely star struck and giddy and couldn't believe this idea actually worked!

As we were leaving the game a lovely reader let me know
Lex had made it on MLB's instagram page :)

the night was priceless.


  1. How awesome is that! :) Good job mamma!

  2. Love this so much! She looked so adorable getting her picture taken with him and sign. How fun!

  3. This is so so so sweet! I love it!

  4. You guys are seriously the best at this. I feel like I need to be your paparazzi


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