Thursday, June 5, 2014

Favorite Reads

Kind of obsessed with this song, just a good summer vibe!

I had a blog post request, so I thought today would be perfect for it!
What are my favorite blogs?

I honestly used to not have a ton of time for them when I was working on my own 24/7
but since I have had more down time and lazier days.. I seem to pop in on blog much more!
I haven't really reached out and found a ton of new blogs so these
are the ones I've been following for a while now!

Bloglovin is still my all time favorite ways to keep track of all my favorites.
I'll break them down into categories or why I visit their space..

Fashion // Beauty
Cotton & Curls
Cara Loren
MM&L Show
Whippy Cake

Lifestyle // 

I probably forgot some, but for now that list will do!
I've gotta go get ready for another pool day!
it's beautiful out!

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  1. I absolutely love looking at new blogs! Now I have tons of new suggestions to check out! Thank you!:)
    - Leah Joy @


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