Tuesday, June 3, 2014

fresh air

So I had really high hopes for the second trimester,
I am 15 weeks today
and yesterday was the worst sickness I have had all pregnancy long
I threw up a total of 7 times from breakfast (9:30am) til about 9:30pm
I was miserable the entire day and just tried to stay curled up in bed
I had a massive headache that would come and go and any time I tried to take something for it,
it came right back out. At around 8:30 I decided this wasn't going to get any better
so we headed to the hospital to get fluids in me and hopefully control the craziness.
They started my iv and got two bags of fluids started,
they also had someone come check the babies heart beat.
It took them a good 5 minutes (which totally seemed like 10 minutes) to find babies heartbeat.
After a minute or two of them not finding it I start bawling
I was already not feeling normal so of course worse case scenario comes to mind..
the nurses try to tell me don't get too worried yet and all I could say was I've miscarried before this
I swear it was the worst 5 minutes I even asked them if they could just go get an ultrasound machine but luckily they kept trying and ending up finding it.
I cannot even begin to tell you how happy my heart was and I just continued to bawl for a second until I could control my composure.

emotional.. yes I am quite emotional these days! ha

Anyways I still get the lingering uneasy feeling
some days I can manage normal days
but others I just feel icky..
I had gone a little over a week without throwing up
and was hoping I was going to start easing into feeling normal
and enjoy my second trimester.. but I'm not so sure that will be the case quite yet.

I always feel like I wake up on eggshells not knowing how I'm going to feel
I like to avoid sitting on the couch, or being inside
fresh air most of the times will always do the trick.
It is getting hotter outside so I'm not quite sure how
long that will keep me feeling better
but as long as we have a pool to escape to I think I will manage!

Today I was determined it was going to be nothing like yesterday,
so we made it a pool day!


  1. Hope you feel better soon! I was sick 20 weeks with my last pregnancy. My previous pregnancy I miscarried also so I was a nut case for a long time. Just try to take it easy. It's hard when you have other kids. I was pregnant last summer with a 6 and 4 year old to entertain. PBSkids.org was a fun way for my girls to stay entertained, and too much TV.

  2. Haha tv has been my lifesaver while Ty's at work! Hoping mine will fade off like yours did!

  3. Oh no, hope you feel better soon!! :)
    All the best wishes from Germany -

  4. Ugh I totally feel your pain. I was extremely sick up until 20 weeks with both of my kids. I'm sure you will feel better soon, it may just take a few more weeks :) which I know can seem like a lifetime. Good luck! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. I was sick up until around 18 weeks and then finally started feeling better. Each day has gotten better and now I am at 23 weeks and feeling great :) I am sure your sickness will end soon even though it feels like an eternity. I miscarried back in October and know how you feel. Prayers for you and baby :)

  6. Aw hang in there! So glad everything is ok. Take it a day at a time and keep thinking positive thoughts!

  7. Ugh that's the worst part of pregnancy for sure. I was really sick until week 22 and though I still have morning sickness/throwing up at week 24, it's nothing compared to before. I think statistically you will feel better soon! Hopefully!!

  8. I feel your miscarriage fears, friend <3 Sending you positive vibes and hoping that you start to feel better soon!! (though sickness is said to be an indicator that the babe is happy and healthy in there, so I'm slightly happy you're feeling sick) ;)


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