Monday, June 23, 2014

happy 29th birthday Ty!

OH Man!
I have been majorly slacking in the blog department..
and I'm not going to lie it's been kinda nice - I have been able to designate all that time to enjoying time with my family and I seriously don't ever want to lose sight of what's really important. Because at the end of the day, there are certain things that matter most on what I spend my time doing!

Not that I don't think it is important to document our life anymore.. which I fully do and is exactly why I have decided to not let go of this little ole blog here! It is sometimes easy to forget my whole purpose on why I do blog...

In the mean time I need to document the fact that my husband turned 29!!
He is now on his last year of his 20s!! It's kinda crazy!
I'll start this out with a balloon story.

I decided I wanted to buy Ty some helium balloons.
Solid colors & then a "2" & a "9" balloon.
I wanted the colors to all coordinate so I dug for a good 15 minutes finding the right shade.
They were in bins 0-9 and no part of the bins were organized.. so this consisted of me dumping out bins and sorting through them while sitting on the floor of Party City. So once I found my balloons. I checked out and got to the car putting all of my balloons in along with Lexi.
and bam. number 9 balloon pops!
I was a bit frustrated.. why did it have to be the number balloon!!
So I then got lex back out of the car and went back in to search for another 9.
It took another good five minutes before I found the right color balloon in number 9.
I thought it was fate since it was so hard to find the first time..
I got it blown up and headed back to the car.. and THERE it pops ONCE AGAIN!
So Lex & I head back in and search the bins, ONCE MORE...
this time I can't find the balloon in that color so then I restart the dumping process and I decide to just look for any "9" in any color... no luck and I am getting extremely irritated at the whole process so I go tell the girl at the check out our ordeal and I told her I wouldn't have worried with it all if it weren't for the fact that I had a "2" with out a "9"... so she calls someone in the back and they find a bag of "9"s and he lets me look through them.. I found my perfect shade of blue/green that I had been using... and I continue to tell the man he is a life saver... This time I asked them to not blow it up all the way since I had two previously pop.

Well we were walking to the car.. we didn't even get half way from the store door to my car
and the dang "9" balloon pops right on my face!! Leaving me not only with choice words to say but a huge welt on my face! ohhhhhh boy did I have to count to ten.  This time I did not return to the store.. I figured 3 busted balloons on a string would be good enough effort for Ty!
but never again. hah

When Ty got off work we let him open up some presents & then headed to dinner at the
Truck Yard. Lex fell asleep on the way there & luckily woke up shortly after sitting down. It was a fun little place and different Food Trucks circulate through the place on different days.. pretty cool concept!!

all photos are from iphone.. left my camera at home that night

Happy Birthday Ty!! We love you!!


  1. Oh man that story made me laugh hard! I'm so sorry but i'm sure glad you shared it! haha

  2. I want to see a picture of the welt. That is hilarious and so annoying at the same time! And why have I never heard of the truck yard before? --carly

  3. oh no! that really stinks about the balloon!


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