Wednesday, June 25, 2014

just sometimes....

you make a last minute 13 hour road trip just to see your SISTER!
just to see your little one light up with joy being able to hang out with her cousin
and just to see your sweet nephew you haven't seen since he was 1 month old.

and sometimes you get to experience a bear almost run out in front of your car
(biggest hi-lite of my life, btw)

and sometimes a 13 hour drive may seem worth it...
haha but never again... as good as Lexi did the entire way there and back
we will be flying next time around to see them! :)

and sometimes... you want to stop at places you saw on your way..
and they are closed by the time you get to them on your drive home.

and sometimes after driving for a really long time..
it starts to look like a tree is about to attack an entire road..

and sometimes you get really lucky and you get pulled over
and only get a warning!

dallas - denver
until next time.. or maybe not.


  1. I do not blame you for deciding to fly next time.. I know I would be flying I hate long long car rides... Glad you all enjoyed your visit & time together :)

  2. My husband and I drove from AZ to IL straight through! After that we decided.... never again!! Long car rides are the worst :(
    XO Kelly


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