Wednesday, July 2, 2014

it's a.......

pretending to be mom :)

baby bump is 19 weeks

We are having a GIRL!!
I am so excited Lexi will be able to have a baby sister!
All three of us were thinking it was a boy.. but at my 12 week ultrasound
we were told it was a girl.. even though they say it's not 100%
they also are always pretty accurate because they are looking at the structure
of things (not for body parts) and the place I went to is pretty advanced
Before we went to our 12 weeks ultrasound I felt I was kinda cheating..
who finds out that early? It's crazy!!
Well let's just say we were all a little schocked in the ultrasound room
but I was pleasantly surprised.. this means I will get to stay in my comfort zone
and Lexi will hopefully gain a best friend out of this!!

Our 12 week ultrasound was for the nuchal translucency scan
I also had backed out of the cystic fibrosis testing for that day..
but at last minute decided to just check for it
my sister had tested positive for being a carrier & its a genetic thing
(she only found this out in her 2nd pregnancy in Denver)
her husband was not a carrier -- so they have no risk of their children having it.

so I decided to do the cheek swab test for that
I get a call back a couple of weeks later and found out that I too was a carrier
so, then they check your husband to see if he too is a carrier
Ty made his appointment & I get another call telling me they lost my blood work
somehow for the other down syndrome chromosomal portion I did..
They asked me to just come along with Tyson for his appointment
I was kinda irritated at the whole thing but what can ya do..

I ended up getting two tubes of blood drawn and they told me it was too late
to test for that same test I had done back at 12 weeks so they
were going to test me for the "fancy" test since it was their fault it got lost.
this test would also run my dna in the process and give us a 100% read
on the sex of the baby.. oh and they also wouldn't charge us for it!
not a bad trade.

So at 16+ weeks I get a call with results on the sex of baby,
I got Ty on 3-way with us and they confirmed
we were having a BABY GIRL!
haha I don't think Ty was super thrilled..
he was holding out hope for a baby boy I think
But we were still pretty excited!
It was nice to know for sure and not have to wait
3 more weeks until our 20 week ultrasound!

a week later we got a call back with some bad news,
Ty ended up testing positive for being a cystic fibrosis carrier as well
this means each of our babies will have a 25% chance of having cystic fibrosis
// Lexi does not have it but she has a 50% chance of being a carrier like us
I could have testing done to check this baby
but me & ty have differences of opinions on testing
apart of me just wants to be mentally prepared on what to expect
and tyson thinks we are having her either way so just wait..
so for now we aren't going to do the Amniocentesis test
we will just check our baby girl after she is born.

I am praying our baby girl will be able to lead a healthy long life
(just warning -- please don't leave comments freaking me out, I am already a worrier)

On a much lighter note.. I feel NORMAL again!!
Seriously so happy about it and it's so nice to feel human again!
It started to get better after week 16 I think,
with a few random days of ickiness but I'll take it
over what the first four months were like!

I have been in complete nesting mode which is crazy early I feel
once I knew it was a girl my head got all excited
My sister / @ellebowtique literally made me 17 of the sweetest headbands
while I was in Denver & all custom picked.. SO lucky to have her!!
I'll be sharing some of my goods soon!
We are only renting the house we are in until February
so baby girl will only be 3 months old by the time we move
so my original plans was to skip a nursery.. just put her in a cradle in our room
now I all of a sudden have plans for a nursery and want to go buy a crib
(i sold Lexi's long ago b/c I didn't want black)
so we will see what I end up doing.. I know three months of decorations is kinda crazy
but I think I need it for my sanity and for nesting purposes ;)

My Dress // TJ Maxx
Lexi's Dress // Old Navy


  1. Congrats! I checked at 14 weeks to see the gender so I don't think you are crazy at all! I also tested positive for cystic fibrosis like your sister luckily my husband wasn't a carrier it can be scary finding that out especially when you and your family never knew you had the gene in the first place. So excited for you and you family!

  2. Congrats! Lexi must be so excited to be getting a baby sister!

    XO Kelly

  3. So excited for y'all. Congrats!!

  4. Congrats on another girl!!! She is going to be precious and I know Lexi is so excited! Praying for you and your family throughout the whole thing and by the way, this is the cutest announcement photography I have ever seen :)

  5. Woohoo! Congrats! Little girls are fun! I love your announcement. So cute and creative.

  6. We just found out that we were expecting a second little girl too! The thought of sisters being best friends totally melts my heart.

  7. Congratulations! So happy for you! (I live in Denver too!) ;)

  8. Congratulations!! What a beautiful announcement! There is no doubt in my mind that your sweet family with be blessed with another beautiful healthy little girl! Thank you for letting us be a part of your miracle! -Julie :)

  9. Hello!! I found your blog on pinterest!! I'm 16 weeks now and having a gender reveal party in 2 weeks ;-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress!! You look so gorgoeus! I see you said it is from TJ MAXX... since they change their inventory so often, Im sure I wont have luck finding it! Do you mind telling me what name brand it is? I just MIGHT get lucky in finding in online! thank you! .. My email is

  10. What is the name brand of your dress? I absolutely love it! My email is

    1. Hi! I cannot find the brand I'm assuming it was just an off brand and I got it from TJ Maxx.. so sorry I'm not much more help!!


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