Monday, July 21, 2014

Mermaid Birthday Party

The weekend after Lexi's birthday we had her mermaid party!
It was a gorgeous sunny day, and well into 100 degrees outside!
The kids were in and out of the house cooling off and she
had been looking forward to it all week!
We were lucky enough to have my parents and sister with her kids come in town!
After the party we all went to the pool, had dinner, and grabbed sno cones!
It's always funner having family in town to celebrate!
My one thing I forgot to do that day was get a picture of me & ty with Lexi!!
I'm kicking myself for it now!

My mom made all of these cute crabwiches for all of the kids!

Lexi's one birthday party wish was to have a Treasure Hunt!
It took me forever to figure out how to coordinate all of that out but with the help of my sister
and her creative drawing skills.. we finally figured one out!
So we had ourselves a treasure hunt for our little pirates & mermaids!

After the presents in the house we gave the kids the first clue
it had an "x" with where they were & showed them where to go next..
It led them to the front door, then from the front door clue it led them to the tree,
then to the mailbox, then to the side gate, then to the plank, then to the treasure chest!
(everything i read says to double there age for how many "clue destinations"
to make it fun and interesting for them without losing interest) I chose to do 6 clues.

walking the plank was another favorite of lexi's!

the final clue led to the treasure chest aka their party favors!

It's always so fun planning her birthday party each year!
She had so much fun and the treasure hunt was by far her favorite part!

Party Details:
Birthday Girl Outfit:
Tutu Tank / Ryleigh Rue
Bermuda Shorts / Target

Ombre Birthday Cake / JBabyCakes /
(North DFW area) ^ -she is seriously amazing at what she does!!!!
Tassel Tail & Garland / Carousel Lane
Plates / WalMart
Napkins / Party City
Mermaid & Fish / Hobby Lobby
Mini Mason Jars / Target
Cups / Target

Party Food:
Star Watermelon
Blueberry Candies
Jello Jars / Blue Fish Candy from Party City individual packs
Rock Candy / Party City
Bubblegum Balls / Target

Party Favors:
Treasure Boxes - Joannes
Individual Candies - Party City
Necklaces - 3 Pack at Dollar Tree


  1. I'm pretty sure this is the absolute cutest party I've ever seen! I loved the idea of 'walking the plank' and those sandwiches were adorable!

  2. What a cute party! LOVE the 'walk the plank' idea :)

    XO Kelly

  3. What an amazing birthday party theme - and the decor/activities are out of this world adorable! No doubt you had some happy, happy little girls on your hands!

  4. Cute as can be!!! Love this!! Great Job Mama and Auntie!

  5. My favorite thing about this party is that you did it all yourself and at your home! That is what Lexi will remember the most.....all the fun you had decorating and having all her little friends at her home. Wonderful memories for the young and old alike! -Julie-

  6. howwww did you do those blue fish jello stars!!!??
    you are so talented, everything is beautiful!!

    1. Thanks :)
      We did a regular batch of jello and poured them into individual jars -- put the jars on a pan in the refrigerator and let them set until almost done. We then stuck in the candy fish bought from party city and stuck them in the center.. the jello was firm enough but not totally finished.
      Hope this helps!!

  7. This is all so precious!! Love all of the details. What a great and fun party!!


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