Thursday, August 14, 2014

25 Weeks

I am now 25 weeks,
already feeling like an old lady and I'm scared to see how the third trimester will feel..
this pregnancy has been nothing like Lexi's.. (like I have said before)
Things are happening sooner and a with a bit more intensity.
Jeans are getting way too uncomfortable.. still doing the ponytail trick
and some jeans just aren't even an option anymore.
I try wearing anything loose as much as I can,
which means I wear a lot of maxi dresses, skirts, and wide leg soft pants.
Baby girl is moving around a ton in my belly, bathroom trips come on frequent and sudden.
I don't think I will ever get sick of feeling her move & kick.
It is the biggest blessing!
I have luckily been able to avoid bad charlie horses so far
by immediately raising my foot upwards
(something I couldn't seem to nail in my first pregnancy)
I have been able to stay clear from naps, luckily my body for now doesn't feel that exhausted!
Sore, but not exhausted to the point of napping like I did in the 1st trimester.
I had a week of headaches.. luckily those have tapered off!
Emotions are still all over the place sometimes,
the other night I was watching an old youtube video I had of Lexi
and the water works just started coming.. I am not really that emotional
about things like that but I couldn't even control myself.
Hoping I can hold it together when I send off Lexi to preschool next month!

Dress: ASOS Maternity | Belt: Forever21 (old) | Heels: Similar


  1. These photos are beautiful!! So glad you are feeling much better :)

  2. seriously so gorgeous! you make me excited for my bumb to be a little bigger so I start actually looking pregnant!

    1. thank you!! It's deff. nice when it is noticeable! :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures!! I'm 25 weeks on Saturday and am continually amazed at what the female body is capable of!

  4. Aw you look so pretty! Loving the dress, too. I actually just ordered a bunch of maternity clothes from ASOS (how great are they?) and I'm only 6 weeks pregnant. Getting a little ahead of myself here, but I'm weirdly excited to dress the bump this time around (I have a 2 year old). Anyways, I didn't see this dress in my browsing (or maybe I did and thought it would look awful but seeing it on you DEFINITELY changes that). Beautiful! -Misty

    1. Thank you!! I know what you mean, enjoy every stage of it!! :)

  5. You are such a beautiful momma! I pinned your outfit so I can dress like this when I have a baby bump :)

  6. Such beautiful pictures!

    XO Kelly

  7. Your pictures are beautiful! Your dress is also darling!

  8. This dress is just darling, and you look radiant!


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