Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our trip to Galveston

Last weekend, we headed down to Houston to see friends and check out the closest beach to us!
I heard that Galveston Beach was "not a beach", nothing special, etc. etc...
When you really want to be somewhere on a beach you will make anything do so I ignored them
and set out for a "weekend beach trip"
Friday night we stayed with friends in Houston and Saturday me, Ty, and Lexi headed to the beach
When we arrived it seriously didn't look bad at all!
After we walked up to the shore we saw that it was all covered in seaweed
and the water looked brown.. I had heard this before we went
Still wasn't horrible... BUT you put 100 degree weather and two people who
didn't want to pay $30 to rent an umbrella and chairs..
and you get three pretty miserable people.
The only way to survive 100 degrees is to be in water.
Lexi wouldn't go near the ocean and you might not have been able to pay me too either ha!
The sand was literally on fire so you had to have flip flops on and my cold bottled water
did not last long.. so let's just say we stayed just long enough
to catch 15 minutes of rays and a sno cone and peace out of there!
Another thing I had in my head is that I wanted to do was hit up beach shops.
We went to a wings-- a shop I grew up going to on beach vacations as a child.
and it was a let down :( pretty pitiful  but we got Lexi some beach souvenirs and called it good!
I'm pretty sure we just need to plan another Gulf Shores trip with my family...
because after all that's all I really want, it's been wayyy too long!!

We just went to Stewart Beach in Galveston.. I'm thinking Moody Gardens down there
sounded much more appealing so maybe we will try that next time!
to say her body gets "heat hot" is an understatement.. don't worry she is not sunburned :)

After the beach we headed back to the hotel in Kemah and got ready for the night
We headed to the Kemah boardwalk and had dinner at Bubba Gumps!
The Kemah Lighthouse District was a much cuter little town.
I'm also still trying to own this new pregnancy body that just keeps growing! ;)

Lexi's long lost boyfriend, we miss him so much! Reid is a year younger
but they have always been the exact same size and have always played so good together!

On our last day before we headed back to Dallas, we hit up the Nasa Space Center
We saw a film, did the discovery activities, went on a trolley tour,
and we got caught up on a little space history..
After leaving me and Ty decided it wasn't exactly what we had thought it was going to be..
more like a children's museum with some adult things
glad we went and checked it off our list.. but not something we would go back for twice.

That morning I also tried to prep Lexi on what we were going to see so I found
a Magic School Bus episode on Netflix that was on going to space.
It was pretty fun for her to learn the things she did
especially since she has a great grandpa in California
who works for Nasa and helps build the mars rovers!


  1. I'm a regular reader, and I just admire your photography skills. Your blog is one of my favorites, and each time it pops up on my feed I jump for joy! lol I also wanted to ask you a question that has nothing to do with this post. But I was wondering how do you upload photos to your blog, without them being small. I also blog, more of a family friends type of blog. But when I upload my photos if they like to view them they have to click on the image to see it bigger. And if they don't know that, they can't really view the photo in full detail? Hopefully you can shed some light, and I can learn. Thank you, btw your glowing and your baby bump is too adorable for words:)

    1. Thank you so so much!! I do all uploading through blogger - When I upload in the post (compose section) I will click on my image - and it gives me three or so options -- I always pick the X-Large which is 640 width. But, on the up & down images, I go into the "html" portion of making the post and I find where it says "height="963" width="640" and I change it to fit the 640 width -- In blogger there is not a set automatic width that I like for up & down images.. so I normally go into photoshop and resize image in pixels to 640 width and see what it automatically sets the height at - then go back and change it accordingly in the "html" section -- since every camera tends to be different on image sizes.. You just want to make sure they are proportionate. It takes a bit more time going into the "html" mode of the blog and finding each image through html coding but it is the easiest and best way I have found. Hope this helps! Sorry I tried emailing you back a response but your comment was a no-reply email attached with your comment

  2. so fun. we have lived in houston for nearly a year now & we have made two spontaneous trips to galveston. I grew up along the gulf of mexico and unfortunately non of our beaches here are too wonderful lol, but they do provide some fun for us! It is fun to hop in the car & go for the day wander around the beach, hit up those cute beach shop, and eat some seafood! Kemah is also fun too :)

  3. It's pretty hard for beaches to live up to the gulf coast!!! We are so spoiled living in Pensacola and being so close to Gulf Shores/Seaside/Destin! I don't know what we are going to do when it comes time to move!

  4. My uncle is the Manager at the Saltgrass in Kemah! It is such an adorable little place. Moody Gardens is amazing, the butterfly garden is magical!

    1. I will definitely have to go back for Moody Gardens!!

  5. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! I loved the family photos! The little family of three will be four before you know it. Lindsay you look absolutely beautiful with your sweet baby bump! It makes my heart happy for you every time I see it. Keep Blogging we all love reading :) -Julie-

    1. thank you so much for your sweet words! Means a lot!!

  6. what a sweet little family vacation! I am a big fan of your blog too. keep writing! also, you are one beautiful pregnant mama! where are your adorable maternity clothes from?


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