Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sleeping during Pregnancy

I have been reminded of all the odd pains that come along with pregnancy.
Lately it has been my tail bone, I have never experienced this one until this pregnancy.
It will ache like no bodies business and it makes me waddle like I'm 39 weeks pregnant.
kinda ridiculous.

Recently I learned that back sleeping causes the weight of your uterus to lie on the spine
and can also make your blood pressure drop, causing some expectant moms to experience dizziness.
On the other hand, in some moms-to-be it can make blood pressure go up.
Sleeping during pregnancy, isn't always a comfortable task.
BUT, I love that this pregnancy pillow helps you sleep on your side comfortably.
Especially when you have a 4 year old who creeps in your bed around 3 or 4am every morning...
who also likes to kick and pretty much lay whichever direction she wants to.

so I was sooo excited to get my bump nest in the mail and start using it!
It took me a couple of weeks to really start loving my pregnancy pillow,
mainly because I HATE firm pillows.. (I need them mushy and soft)
so after my husband stole my bump nest on more than a couple occasions
(knew I would have to fight him for this pillow)
He got the head portion all flattened out to my liking,
and I quickly stole it back, permanently.

One other plus to this pillow is, it's like a barrier from Lexi kicking me every night!
I need my space when I sleep and we have yet to win over the battle of her not coming
into our room in the middle of the night! No bribes have worked and I have gotten
way too lazy to walk her back to her room and fight that battle,
especially after I'm already asleep.
and while we are on this topic...
woaahh am I in for a rude wake up call when baby comes
I have been pretty spoiled in the sleep department for the past couple of years!!
pretty much every morning I'm always awake before she is

ALSO, a Blanket shop to note is: Saranoni
Seriously not lying when I say this blanket is quite possibly the softest blanket we own!!
It feels like heaven to lay with and its carried back and forth from our couch to our bed!
I also have some of their sweet muslin swaddles for when baby comes
that I cannot wait to use!!


  1. Cuddle snuggle time is precious! Trust me she won't be sneaking in for cuddles forever. You both will know when the time is right to conquer the wee morning hour visits. Until happy to hear you've found a solution to help make sleep more comfortable......after all your body is busy at work all day and night making a new angel! :) Sweet Dreams you sweet little family of three! -Julie-

  2. Oh my goodness I totally feel your pain! I'm 26 weeks tomorrow and sleeping has been so difficult. I'd love to be able to just spend the night lying on my back like I normally would, so training my body to sleep on my side has been crazy!


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