Monday, September 22, 2014

30 weeks

30 Weeks,
I will technically be 31 weeks tomorrow, 
but I never got around to blogging 30 weeks.

I officially feel like I'm on countdown mode.
In my head baby girl is coming during the Fall.. so the first sign of pumpkins
I immediately have felt the need to get things finished and put together.

I have a list of things I have yet to even buy or stock up on..
diapers.. ya I haven't gone there yet.
I ordered crib bedding last week, hoping to finish tying the rest of the room together in the next month!
It's been tricky narrowing down exactly what all I want for the room and it makes it hard knowing we will be moving 3 months after she's born but yet I still want something put together.

at 30 weeks,
My body is making all sorts of changes.. 
I forget how tough it is to watch your body completely unfold and just get BIG.
I feel like this may be the toughest transition during pregnancy thus far
clothes don't fit and I don't love anything maternity so it makes getting dressed not the funnest.
everything seems to accentuate the large factor hah

Maneuvering is starting to get difficult, getting out of breath more than I would like,
and I still have the tail bone pains that are crippling to walk.. they come and go so I can't really fix it.

Lexi is still as sweet as ever and includes her little sister in almost every conversation,
gives my belly daily kisses, and has conversations with her..
I'm hoping when she is screaming her little head off and taking up a lot of the attention
she will love her just as much.

I am onto my 2 week appointments now,
I am measuring good, I passed my glucose test, and we have already scheduled 
our induction date for November 19th. 
I was due November 25th.. but I really don't want to be in the hospital on Thanksgiving..
and Lexi came 10 days early.. so who knows!

Just a little more than 8 weeks left!!

Dress: Gap


  1. Can I ask where your maxi dress is from? Super cute!

  2. You look beautiful as always! It really is crazy how the body changes for baby lol! When I was pregnant I remember feeling like I could never get bigger yet I did every week. Can't wait to see your little girl!

    XO Kelly

    1. Thank you!! I know…. 8 more weeks.. I can do this! ;)

  3. Your dress is gorgeous. You look great! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

  4. You look absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait to catch a glimpse into the new nursery! You are so creative and have excellent style! Lexi will be the wonderful big sister! Little baby girl has a amazing future ahead of her! Can't wait for her debut! -Julie-

  5. You look stunning! :) So excited for your little family!

  6. You look incredible! I only hope to be that cute when I'm 30 weeks!


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