Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tea Party & Over the Loom Back to School Giveaway!!

Before Preschool started back I wanted to make sure 
we checked one last thing off our summer to-do list!
It was to have a little tea party, just me and Lex!

We wore dresses, high heels, accesorised and felt all fancy!
 Dress: Over the Loom

 Her favorite part of our tea party was to pour the "tea" aka pink lemonade
It's kinda priceless when your little girl is giddy with excitement 
and repeatedly tells you how fun it all is!
It was our first of many tea parties and I hope she never stops being my little best friend! 
(all images taken via my iPhone)
my nikon has been sent off for repairs 
which is why I have no pictures to share lately :)

Over the Loom is giving away $50 shop credit 
to one lucky Pillow Thought reader!!
**Perfect timing for shopping for back to school outfits!!**


  1. What an adorable tea party! I can't wait till my daughter is old enough to do this :) I've saved all my tea sets from when I was little so I can't wait!!

    Xo Kelly

    1. ohh she will love it!! Thats fun you have your tea sets!!


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