Tuesday, October 21, 2014

35 Weeks & Fall Family Pictures

I am officially 35 weeks and we have 4 weeks until our induction date!

It's kinda crazy how fast this next month is probably going to go,
My doctors office called yesterday morning and let me know they scheduled it with the hospital and my mom booked her ticket for the day prior.. let's just hope she stays in their until the 19th!
It's technically 6 days before I'm due.. but Lexi made her appearance 10 days early..
Who knows, I have already come to the conclusion you can't plan anything in life,
so we will just go with the flow and hope it works out that my mom is here!

I haven't had too many pregnancy complaints other than it is becoming super hard to move around and bend over.. I sometimes feel like a 80 year old woman trying to do things and I swear my body is just so sore and out of shape! I have noticed swelling in my hands and feet.. nothing too crazy but I'm pretty sure I couldn't get my wedding ring off if I tried.. something that didn't happen with my last pregnancy with Lex. Lucky for me I haven't had any tail bone pain in a couple of weeks!
I'm sleeping pretty good too just hard to get in and out of our tall bed in the middle of the night for bladder release trips hah! I'm feeling her move a lot it's changed how I feel it now.. sometimes it's feeling like she is trying to break out of my stomach and I will get crazy pressure all over my stomach with bulges. My face is still getting nice and plump.. don't love this about pregnancy :)

A couple of weeks ago we made a October bucket list of Fall things we/I wanted to do before the baby comes and on the list I put Fall family pictures.. Tyson passingly went a long with it and I convinced him for my 35 week mark to try and get some of all us! Low key.. nothing elaborate.  Lucky for me he is a pretty good sport.. trust me this is not his favorite thing to do but we were able to get some family pictures done!! It's always worth it in the end I tell him! We just used clothes we already had in our closets and setup a tripod and self timer to snag one of all three of us! We only get 4 or so tries at it.. so luckily we got one that works! Then we just take turns with the camera to get the rest of our "family pictures" haha gotta love it!

He's pretty stinkin handsome if you ask me!

Outfit Details:
Shirt: JCrew older / Similar | Khakis: Kohls / (Marc Anthony Slim)
Shoes: Nordstroms

Lexi: Dress: Zara (old) / Similar  | Boots: Gap Outlet / Similar 
Wine Wool Hat: snagged it on Brickyard Buffalo early spring (no longer available) / but, found it here 

Me: Dress: Seraphine | Brown Wedges: Aldo (old)  / Similar | Belt: Forever 21 
Bracelets: Forever 21 & Silver | Lashes: House of Lashes
Also, pregnancy spanx-- a must with tighter dresses!
I gave into buying fake lashes, they just help add to the face!
I miss eyelash extensions and I can't use lilash while pregnant.. so they are a fun fix! 


  1. Such great photos! You have a beautiful family!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. You look so beautiful!!
    XO Kelly
    P.S. I love your eyelashes, do you use extensions?

    1. I gave into buying fake lashes, they just help add to the face! I am wearing some from House of Lashes - link is above! :) I miss eyelash extensions and I can't use lilash while pregnant.. so they are a fun for special occasions!!

  3. You're so very pretty!!! Great family photos!

  4. you are all such great photogs! i love every picture. and you are ROCKING that dress. pregnancy gave me so many bulges and muffin tops in places there should never be muffin tops ;) ha ha.

  5. Beautiful pictures!!! And you look stunning!! Such a pretty and hot mama!!!

  6. Such sweet family pictures! I saw ur tweet about middle names for new baby girl.....how about tylie? Ty-for daddy, L-for mommy and ie for Lexi! That way everyone is represented..unique and original just like u :) -Julie-


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