Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Family Dinner & a Movie Night

Another one of our Fall Bucket List items on our list before baby gets here
was to have a Halloween themed Dinner & Movie night!
Tuesdays are kinda crowded with activities we have preschool then soccer practice.
but I was able to get everything ready and prepped while Lexi was at preschool..
We decided we probably shouldn't skip soccer so we waited to have the dinner and movie
after practice.. she didn't have to be up early for preschool the next morning so we didn't mind her staying up past her bed time! Luckily when we put her down she was out cold in no time!


Another reason for doing it after soccer practice was that it was dark by then
so we got to enjoy our dinner under a black light!
It made it extra spoooky!
We just stuck with my favorite Fall soup, Chicken Tortilla Soup with Bat shaped tortillas!
It was delicious!!

After Dinner we got into our pjs and headed upstairs for our movie night! 
We streamed Netflix and found some Halloween shows we could watch
along with Halloween treats to eat!
We started it out with Scared Shrekless.. but for a four year old little girl
and 15 minutes into it she was a little too scared for the epsiodes!
so I convinced her to trade that in for watching the Munster's,
a favorite of mine from childhood :)

Some other good Halloween Family Friendly Netflix Shows are:
Curious George Halloween BOOFEST
Casper's Scare School
Barney Halloween Party
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Goosebumps (for ages 7+)
Magic School Bus in the Haunted House (Season 1 Episode 8)
Magic School Bus Going Batty (Season 2 Episode 9)
Magic School Bus Spins a Web (Season 3 Episode Episode 2)

Most of my Halloween Decor we already had but for the items you can snag:
Bag of Cobwebs: Target - $2 on sale right now
Striped & Polka Dot Straws / Target Dollar - 3 Dollar Section
Black Twine / Target Dollar - 3 Dollar Section
White with Black Polka Dot Napkins / Target Dollar - 3 Dollar Section
Chalkboard Coasters /  Target Dollar - 3 Dollar Section
Black Bats & Purple Bats Package / Target Dollar Section


  1. SOOOOO cute. What a fun thing to do for Halloween!

  2. So cute Lindsey! Such a fun family night :) As always I love the d├ęcor!!
    XO Kelly

  3. Trust me.....these are all the sweet memories that she will cherish! Wonderful wonderful job sweet mommy!! And shhhhh u didn't hear it from me.....but precious memories for daddy too....because really aren't we are really kids at heart? Bless your sweet heart for making the magic happen :) -Julie-

  4. Great decorations! Love your daughters pjs.


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