Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weekend Trip to Memphis

Last Friday after Ty got off work we were able to head to Memphis for the weekend!
We were originally going down for my High School 10 year reunion,
but we ended up bailing out on that and just visited with my friends that were in town!
We were going to try and make it for the Friday night 
Homecoming Football game, but didn't make it there in time.
It was a quick weekend trip but glad we were able to go visit 
and we did get to stay an extra day because Ty was able to do 
some of his work on the drive home on Monday! so nice!
We crammed pretty much everything in on Saturday and laid low on Sunday 
we just enjoyed having some quality time with my parents!
Feeling very lucky that we have been able to see them so much this year,
living closer has definitely made it easier!! Something I will always appreciate!

My swelling seems to have hit new levels this past week (Week 31 of pregnancy)
I have noticed indentions where my rings go, my feet after a long day of travel looked quite pitiful,
and not to mention my face…… 
yes i'm struggling a little bit to accept what pregnancy is doing to my body.
But I wouldn't trade it for the world though! 

We had lunch at Babalu, such a cute little place!
They had I Love Lucy re-runs playing/being projected on the walls
and I had the most delicious caesar salad ever!

After lunch we headed over to a candy store next door called Sweet Nothings
quite possibly the cutest store, i just love industrial design!

he's telling me to stop being a paparazzi ;)

she was in heaven being with her mimi and papi for the weekend!
don't mind her messy braided head.. my bad!

Me: Black Skinnies/Love Culture | Couture Tee: Forever21 | 
Lexi: Black Legings: Old Navy | Tutu Tank: Ryleigh Rue


  1. The photo of your husband made me laugh, cause mine does exactly the same. Sometimes I have to leave the camera at home. He says that every once in a while he wants me to take mental photos. Maybe he's right. Maybe…By the way, You look stunning!!


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