Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's in My Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag //  Budu Baby - I'm obsessed with my Brown Leather Budu bag, I have always been on a search for a diaper bag that looks like a normal purse that I would already carry and that will go with everything and when I spotted this one I just fell in love! It also comes with a leather changing pad & bottle holder. My heart literally died and went to heaven when it arrived!! Oh and did I mention it has about a million different compartments in this bag.. it's like organization heaven!

Swaddle Blanket // Anchor And Arrow Thread - I'm also over the top obsessed with this floral blanket! It's the perfect mix of classic and sweet!

Newborn & Preemie Sized Headbands // Elle Bowtique 1 | 2 | 3  -- gotta top off baby girl with some Elle Bowtique! 

Newborn & Preemie Sized Going Home Outfit / Onesies // Gap  / Old Navy
(Carters carry good newborn size for smaller babies)

Paci Clip // Ryan & Rose

Pacifiers // Avent from Target

Lovie // Flora Fawn Mini Sweetie from Live Sweet Shop

Huggies Wipes & a couple of newborn Pamper Swaddlers

Also, you can call or look online at your hospitals website where you will be delivering 
and they should have a list of what they will provide for you to go home with.. 
My hospital said they take care of diapers and wipes. 
Honestly between leaving the hospital and heading home 
I don't think there is much else you will really need than the basics 
but I plan to pack a couple just in case. 
If I missed anything that you wished you would have had in your diaper bag for baby, 
please let me know!! Next on my to-do list.. pack my hospital bag!


  1. I love that diaper bag! I've been looking for something similar but at half the price lol. And that lovie is too sweet, thanks for introducing me to their shop - they just came out with a little fox which will be perfect for my little girl. Can't believe yours will be here in a few short weeks! Take care mama. xoxo


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