Monday, November 17, 2014

Baby Zoey / Birth Story / Part 2

Zoey was born on November 5th, 2014
Texas was just starting to feel like Fall and it felt like the perfect time to be cooped up at home with a newborn! They told me I couldn't drive for two weeks.. which I thought sounded a little crazy.. especially with how well the recovery process went.  I have felt a little stir crazy in the house not being able to just come and go as I please like I normally do but Wednesday I come up on two weeks. I guess I haven't really had to go anywhere that I had to drive. Luckily Tyson has been able to work from ever since we came home from the hospital!

As for the hospital stay.. we seriously lucked out where we delivered!
Going off of references, there were 3 different hospitals where my doctor delivered and this hospital was highly recommended by everyone.
I knew where it was located but we hadn't yet driven over there to check it out in person.
Lexi had a big sister class scheduled for November 9th so we were just planning on doing it all then.
I seriously have never loved the staff/nurses more,
It was one of those experience where you will go out of your way and fill out those random surveys just to make sure they get the credit they deserved.
Not to mention, me & ty got free food/room service for three days.
Plus, our mommy & daddy lobster and steak dinner..
that I quickly made into a happy plate.
With Lexi, I was still so uneasy and not feeling well that food didn't sound one bit good to me in the hospital. This time around I was taking full advantage of the food services, and left there with cravings for greek yogurt parfaits.. seriously delicious!

Also I have to mention I learned about a 1,000 things more about breastfeeding
than I ever did with Lexi.. the lactation specialist were in and out of my room twice a day
checking on me and Zoey and were just a phone call away if I needed anything.
My supply has been crazy.. I literally stocked up our freezer already from excess pumping..
Don't know what I would do without our breast pump!!
I'm trying to get it to slow down so I'm not left feeling engorged for more than half of my days. I'm still nervous that it could get too low tapering it off a bit?! I just hate how uncomfortable I feel with how much supply I have been having. Leeking & Pain... ya know the whole works. Breastfeeding is a lot of work I just got to say! It's probably the only real stress I have had since Zoey got here.
I was worried a little those first couple of days, because I had a clogged duct on one side and she wasn't feeding like she was at the hospital. Luckily we went in for her first doctor appointment and she had already passed her birth weight to 5.9 lbs, so they said everything looked really well.  I have come to accept my baby is totally fine so far with her 5 or so minute feeds every couple of hours. She has also been a pretty good sleeper at night which I have felt really blessed with. 
Zoey was a little fidgety during her hearing test at the hospital. They tried it two different days and got only one ear to pass the second day, so they scheduled us another appointment to re-check, in case she had fluid in her ears from birth or her reflexes during sleep were causing it to fail..
we went back yesterday for that appointment and she passed both ears!

My mom was able to fly in that same day Zoey was born and stayed with us for a week.
She was such a HUGE help in helping Lexi transition to big sister
and not having all of the attention strictly on baby sister.
She loves her Mimi and it left me feeling way less stressed knowing Lexi was being taken care of while our focus was re-directed to adjusting to the newborn phase again.

Lexi has acted out a couple of times for attention being a little more dramatic about hurting her leg or her arm or whatever it was that got bonked at the moment but over all I think she is just really excited to have another sibling in our home. Tyson was able to take Lexi to her big sister class last week so he picked up some tips so me and Tyson are both trying to make it a point to implement them and be aware of her needs and how we word things.

For now, everything has been going good and we are just excited to add another
sweet little spirit to our family! I'm feeling extremely blessed.

But, ask me again in a couple of months when she doesn't just sleep, poop, and eat
anymore and things might be a little different :)

she was so excited for Zoey to come home!

Headband: ElleBowtique | Onesie: Osh Kosh | Baby Blanket: Anchor and Arrow Threads
Part 1 birth story  (if you missed it)

Also my husband shared this video with me days after getting home form the hospital,
seriously?? yes there were tears! such a sweet sweet song for all moms!!
(actual song starts halfway mark)


  1. Hi- Zoey is such a cutie and looks so much like her big sister! What kind of car seat is that?

    1. Thank you! It's a First Years car seat, but it was lexi's old car seat from four years ago..

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Such a sweet little babe!!
    XO Kelly

  3. Beautiful pictures! Ur whole post is beautiful....ur story...ur pictures...and the beautiful song! So much love is bursting through those pictures! I am so happy for u and your sweet family! Sending you many blessings! Try english dress shields to help with the engorgement...they worked wonders to help me through the first month. Enjoy your little miracles :) -Julie-

  4. Awe never commented before Lindsey but just had to say Zoey is so so beautiful, I agree she looks like her big sister:) Huge CongratulationsXX

    1. Thank you! Comments mean a lot so I appreciate it! :)

  5. She is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats! {Just stumbled upon your blog today and I am excited to follow along. :-) }

    1. thank you! Glad you found pillow thought :) xoxo

  6. You looked unbelievable for just giving birth! Glad things seem to be going smooth!


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