Thursday, November 20, 2014

Zoey Skye Marlor / Baby Announcement

I figured I would go ahead and post her birth announcement here!
I am kinda horrible about actually printing off
and mailing people announcements
or thank you's or anything really..
I seem to avoid the post office at all cost.

We had Zoey's two week check up yesterday,
which was also her induction date.
I'm sure glad she decided to come early,
it's been nice not waddling around feeling all swollen!
She is now weighing in at 6.5 lbs (8%) & 19.5" long (3%)!
We love you little miss Zoey!!


  1. Gorgeous announcement Lindsey!! So sweet :)
    XO Kelly

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  3. I have never seen announcements like these; SOOO cute!

  4. Congratulations!! This is so pretty. May I ask where you found the wooden ruler and the wood for the calendar? I'm currently gathering things for our birth announcement but cant find anything here.

    1. I got the wooden ruler from Wal-Mart-- I would maybe try Home Depot or Lowes though because I had to photoshop the logo off. I also got the wood from Hobby Lobby!

  5. I love her little birth announce! How cute...

  6. Bella alternativa para el recuerdo de nuestros hijos :)


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