Sunday, December 28, 2014

Long Hair vs. Short Hair

Welcome back to a new video tutorial!!
It's been a while since I have done one
I have a pretty fun before and after for you!
long hair vs. short hair
I will always lean towards long hair!

I absolutely LOVE having hair extensions,
it all started 6 years ago when I had bleached and damaged blonde hair.
I haven't been able to "ditch" them since!
I just love the length and fullness it gives
that my natural hair is lacking!
Plus, I think clip in extensions help you look more put together with a lot less effort.
If you take them out at night they hold the curls pretty good
so I normally just have to go back over the top layer and curl my hair!

So just a little preview of my before and after..
don't judge the video quality, it was almost near impossible video'ing
I tried to do it while Lexi was at pre-school and Zoey was napping..
but go figure Zoey wouldn't stay napping.. so it was quite the task!

I am wearing Cashmere Hair Extensions
(you might remember them off of Shark Tank.. I kinda fell in love with them!)
in shade: Beverly Hills Brunette
This is one of the first times I haven't had to dye my hair to match.
They matched up really well so all I had to do was go in to a hair salon
and get them blended and cut to the length I wanted!

If you still are having a hard time deciding which shade will match best..
They offer a very helpful service where you
can send them photos of your hair in natural lighting
and get their personal recommendations of which shade would be the best match!
Send to:
(that's what I did)


  1. Love your hair; I would have never guessed you had extensions... they look so natural. And I love the last clip of you and baby Zoey! :)

  2. How long did these last you?


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