Thursday, December 4, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I finally finished ordering our Christmas Cards tonight,
I kinda love the options over at Minted, I ended up going with a booklet this year
and included Zoey's birth announcement in it!
Gotta love knocking out two birds with one stone!!

Ok so 3 reasons why I love using Minted for our Christmas Cards
(it's who we used last year too)

1.They have some really cute designs
2. They print your addresses on the envelopes FOR YOU!
3. They save all of that information to your account for you to use next year!
Which made my order time a thousand times less stressful
Because I didn't have to try and collect a million addresses from everyone,
all I had to do was swap out the ones that had moved in the last year.

So anyways.. since I'm not sharing our entire booklet.
I will give you all a little sneak at some more of our pictures we took last weekend.

and NOTE TO SELF: don't attempt taking family pictures when a child is sick.
Lexi could not keep her eyes open for the life of her, poor thing!

Glad I was able to snag some with my parents while they were in town!!

Outfit Details
Lexi: Dress: Old Navy | Headband: Gymboree (Old) | Boots: Gap / old

Zoey: Dress: OshKosh | Sweater: Zara | Headband: Elle Bowtique

Me: Skirt & Belt: Forever21 (old) | Top: (have no idea) Old

Ty: Jeans: Nordstrom | Shirt & Sweater: Old Navy


  1. So cute! Poor Lexi, hope she's feeling better :)!
    XO Kelly

  2. Well let me start with the fact that you look beyond AMAZING!! You just had a baby? Wow! Ty of course looks incredibly proud of his three girls...Zooey...a little angel...and Lexi...sick or not...continues to be the picture of adorable! Such a beautiful family! Truly blessed! So happy for you sweet mommy! Merry Christmas right back at 'cha! -Julie-

    1. thank you! You are soo sweet, thanks for makin my day!! :)


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