Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What our December has looked like

It all started with Christmas Jammies..
and shortly after that Lexi was talking Ty into putting out Christmas
with words like "but your so handsome daddy"
she is a sweet talker.. and she knows exactly how to work her "daddy"

she found a box of old christmas cards and she hasn't stopped writing letters since..
she even found a stamp out of a drawer and sealed her envelope..
so we made sure to go put it in our mailbox for Santa
we have finally gotten her to put her letters in the right order..
still workin on her lower case e's :)

Sox our Elf made his arrival in a tub of marshmallows
he brought along snowballs & a little dance speaker set thing
we've had dance parties in the kitchen and daily snowball fights

We saw the lights at Fire Safety Town with friends
(it's like a tiny town with real buildings kid sized)
Lexi got to tell a creepy santa what she wanted for Christmas.
I had to tell Lexi he was just Santa's helper not the real guy.
They also had a room where you could e-mail Santa your Christmas List,
not so sure i liked the whole email idea.. letters are best!

lots of cuddle time with these two

We also had the chance to go to a Live Nativity,
probably the coolest thing we did this December.
They had it at a really pretty park, decorated all pretty.
Hot Cocoa and Cookies were served and a lake was right behind
where the nativity was. There were also tea lights in brown paper bags
that lined the sides. it was just kind of all perfect!!

Of course we had to do pictures by the tree

headband: elle bowtique | swaddle: burt's bees baby blanket

We went back to the Gaylord, this time we did the Ice side,
(last time we did snow tubing & I forgot my camera)
You walk through a sort of exhibit all made of Ice and the theme was
Frosty the Snowman.. they give you these jackets that everyone wears..
it was still pretty cold because they have it cold enough to keep the ice frozen
so me and Zoey kinda rushed through it all..  luckily I was wearing her with
my solly baby wrap so I'm pretty sure between both of our body heat
and two jackets she stayed nice and cozy.
We also stopped by and decorated ginger bread snowmen cookies

 Sunday we tried to just rest and we made Rice Krispie Trees,
Me and Lex have some kind of cold (nasal congestion and a cough)
so we have been trying to stay home and rest to hopefully kick it before Christmas comes!

Lexi has her countdown until Santa comes
and is just ecstatic that Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!
It's just going to be us 4 this Christmas.. it will be our first Christmas with just us.
It will be definitely different not spending it with family
but hopefully we can still make some good memories!!

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  1. I love seeing Lexi hold her baby sister. That is just too precious! I loved the red dress Lexi was wearing that was too adorable...


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