Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Eve

Wednesday (Christmas Eve)
I tried to keep the tv off as much as we could..
We had Christmas music playing,
we all made a Frozen gingerbread house,
and Lexi had to find other ways than tv to keep entertained!

We had a yummy Steak Dinner Christmas Eve
and let Lexi open one present from us and other presents from family.
It was a little weird with it just being us 4 but I enjoyed it!!

Thursday (Christmas Day)
Christmas morning was spent opening presents and playing with them..
I video'ed everything and didn't take any pictures..
I haven't had the energy to compile them like I do each year yet.

When we realized our ham wouldn't be done in time for lunch we decided to head to the movies at Studio Grill.. where they serve you a meal while you watch the movie.. so Annie it was!
It was a nice little treat because we don't go to the movies hardly ever
and we all liked the movie, and Zoey slept through the whole thing for us!!



  1. It looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas! I love the coordinated Christmas jammies!

  2. Adorable!!! Happy New Year to your adorable family.

  3. Aww Merry Christmas and Happy New Year sweet family! Thanks for giving us a peek into ur holiday! Many blessings to u all in 2015! Love the family picture in your matching jammies! :)-Julie-


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