Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Zoey's 2 Month recap

Onesie: @ittybittyhip  Headbands: ElleBowtique

(recap from Instagram) -- but with a little more info
This little lady turned two months last Monday (January 5th)!
She just had her 2 month appointment and she is 10.7 lbs and 22" looking as healthy as can be!
Fun Fact:Lexi at her 2 month apt. was 10lbs exact and 22"
- pretty dang close to being a replica of Lex!
I feel like this last pregnancy I experienced every kind of emotion along the way.. it took a little over a year of trying to get this one after our miscarriage and then when I found out me and ty were both cystic fibrosis carriers.. my mind of course went into extra worry mode for this babe. To say I prayed for this little girl is an understatement which is why I love this saying so much!! It's also the phrase I used on Lexi's shirt when we told Tyson we were finally pregnant so it was only fitting that she needed a customized shirt for herself!


  1. Oh my goodness! Can she possibly get any cuter?!?

  2. She looks so much like Lexi! So cute :) X

  3. What a beautiful baby :) So happy you got everything you prayed for.


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