Monday, February 23, 2015

best of both worlds

We kinda have fallen in love with our new neighborhood!
Tyson gets his country feel and I'm not too far from all the shopping
it took a while for Tyson to convince me to move away from where we lived..
but I'd say we did pretty good at getting best of both worlds.

stroller: baby jogger city select | car seat cover: covered goods

I might have a deep obsession with these truffle kisses.
like seriously, it's bad.
no lie they melt in your mouth
and goodness gracious I could probably
devour an entire bag in a couple of days!!


  1. Looks like a cute place to live! I've been following your blog since 2012, it's been fun to watch your family grow. Makes me excited to start a family one day. :)

  2. Me too, truffle kisses are so delicious!! Glad you're settling into your new neighborhood well :)
    XO Kelly


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