Friday, February 20, 2015

Junior Explorers

We had a fun little package arrive this week in the mail,
it's a company called  Junior Explorers where they send you a "mission"
Lexi has totally been into spy movies so I knew
she would love having some type of mission!

Junior Explorers is focused around getting your kids familiar with
our planet ecosystems and species through fun and interactive missions.

It was a good little one on one experience
where me and Lexi could sit down while Zoey was napping
and "play".. she is constantly asking either me or Tyson to play with her..
I only last so long playing pretend or barbies or whatever it is..
but I really really enjoyed doing this mission with her!
It was a good time to sit down and teach her about the things in her package.

Our mission was to Serengeti,
I was able to pull out her globe and explain to her where
Africa was and when we started the mission online she was able to
better understand the circle of life.

Once we were done with our mission,
she was already asking to play it again!

Junior Explorers is best suited for ages 5-12
Lexi is 4 1/2, so as long as a parent is near by reading
through the mission I feel like pre-school age is just fine!

They offer 4 different Junior Explorers monthly subscriptions:
1 monthly mission, $19
3 monthly missions, $49
6 monthly missions, $95
and 12 monthly missions, $185

You get a new mission to a new ecosystem
with new animals delivered each month.

Every month, a new mission to learn about wildlife and nature with Junior Explorers!

"Our mission is rooted in the belief that you only protect something that you love
and you can only love things you are connected to.
From this belief, Junior Explorers was developed as a program
to develop kids’ understanding of our planet,
its ecosystems and species through fun and interactive missions.
We built a program which is truly experiential,
is both tactile and digital, and meant for kids to learn while having fun.
Junior Explorers is dedicated to educating
and inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards."

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