Sunday, February 8, 2015

our weekend recap

Ohh I hope I get back to blogging!
I feel like it is the hardest thing to just to sit down to a computer when I feel like talking..
when I just have me time and have time to just gather thoughts ya know?

This weekend I feel like we got a lot accomplished with the house.. nothing huge but it was the little things that brought some organization to the chaos. For the last half of the week Ty was busy with work and meetings so everything got kinda put on hold until he got off work on Friday! Then he got a little OCD on me and helped get a lot tackled! I had a lot of things that I needed his help with.. so I felt kind of at a stand still until he could help.. sooo while he was at work meetings I decided to buy myself a nice can of gray paint! When I found out we had a coupon for a free gallon from the builders I decided not to waste any more time and jumped on painting Lexi's room! I didn't want to start hanging anything on the walls until I got the room painted, so for me it was kind of a high priority on my list of things to do... my husband on the other hand thought it was one of the last things I should have been worrying with hah!

Which is exactly why I wanted to have everything done while he was gone.. but unfortunately for me I ran out of paint the night before and had a half a wall left that needed painted. So the next morning I woke up and took the girls to the paint store only to find out that they were out of that certain paint.. so there went my plan to have it all completed by the time he walked in the door.

BUT, on my way home I get a call and the guy asked if I wanted the paint delivered to the house... um yes! I didn't even know that was an option(!).. so I didn't have to wait too long but it arrived a couple hours before he got home so I just had touch ups left. Not my big reveal like I planned for him but better than a half in progress project right?!  here's a sneak of what the walls looks like.. I just need to figured out wall space and decor.. and I can mark that room off the list!

On another note, We have been bribing Lexi to sleep in her bed, for the ENTIRE night.. and if she did it all week Ty would put her trampoline together on Saturday morning (when it was suppose to be 70s) well it seriously worked like a charm. Now if only it would stick..
we'll have to see if bribing her that it will be taken down if she doesnt.. works?

(this is from when we were moving at our old house.. but she's kind of a crazy sleeper!)

on another note..  Zoey's 3 months old!
I've started letting her nap in her crib, in her room, once a day
ever since I got her room put together.
I'm still not ready to let her leave the bassinet by my bed.  She is starting to squirm her little body around a lot and it's making me kinda nervous.. the other day when she was laying there (unswaddled) she was arching her little back and legs like she was trying to roll over.. Lexi's first back to front roll over was at 4 months.. so we have a month left hopefully before she tackles that trick! She grabs things and is so much more attentive now-a-days! She gives the biggest smiles when she sees you are looking at her or if you start talking to her she will try and talk back. She loves facetime, not skype/facetime but when you are in front of her face talking with her. Watching old videos and looking at old pictures of Lexi is still like looking at Zoey. It's just so crazy to me how similar these two baby girls look alike! But it's funny because I can't picture Lexi (at 4 years old) looking like Zoey as a baby.. I don't even think Lexi at 4 looks like lexi as a baby. So when people say they look just a like it's hard for me to see it. It's like I have on weird mom goggles or something because I keep hearing readers say they look just alike but most people probably didn't even watch Lexi grow up at the baby age so they must be seeing lexi at 4 look like zoey as a baby..
if that makes sense?! no? ok just ignore that whole thought process hah

btw, I just googled and apparently pediatricians recommend moving baby out of bassinet at 3-4mo..
so looks like I will be having to convince myself to transition sooner than I'd like :(

all headbands: Elle Bowtique | Swaddle: The Ollie Swaddle

p.s. here's a throwback video of Lexi rolling over for the first time
exact same baby right? maybe I need to video some more of Zoey!
and oh man did we get excited for every first! ;)
(apparently video doesnt show on ipads/cell phones)


  1. Aww, that video of Lexi is too cute! Your girls look exactly alike as babies :)
    XO Kelly

  2. goodness, I just love her! She's too cute.


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