Sunday, March 22, 2015

lexi lu

Sometimes life can get a little crazy having to share my time with two little girls,
Lexi has done really well always accepting and loving Zoey..
but there are times where I know she acts out just for attention.
I'm finding myself finally getting back into the groove of this mom thing and finding a good balance. I am having more sweet moments again with Lexi, I felt like I got to a point where I was always scolding her for her sassiness. The words.. "just listen" were constantly coming out of my mouth.
She's dramatic and she has the sweetest heart and her thoughtfulness of others melts me.
I seriously love her imagination when I listen to her play or when I listen to her conversations in the back seat.. the girl can talk your ears off these days and it's funny when strangers even comment about it while we are out running errands :) She decided she wants to do cheer instead of soccer this spring and she is so excited for it to start next week!

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