Tuesday, March 10, 2015

magnolia market / hgtv's fixer upper

Everything in this store is seriously just so pretty to look at!
I wish I could take it all and put it into our own home,
I also wish they sold more furniture pieces.. most of them were for display purposes only.

The shop was crowded with most likely tourist..
there were so many older ladies in there visiting the store
and they were all sweet and seemed to flock to Zoey and Lexi.
Everyone in there had some serious southern hospitality! :)

I did fall in love with that wooden chandelier so it got to come home with us!
I have plans for it to go over our kitchen table after we get things painted!

They had a couple of food trucks out back of the shop
and we made sure to grab some cookies from the Vanilla Bean
I don't know what my deal is but I have some serious cookie cravings lately..
p.s. my little mini me had to grab her hat for the day after she saw I was wearing mine :)

At the registers, they had flyers with Joanna's Favorite Stops
so we headed to a couple of different places she mentioned..

ok let's talk Fixer Upper for a second..
did i mention Waco is pretty ghetto? haha
I'm sure there are nice parts on the outskirts but we did not drive through one nice part of town while we were there.. it's also something to keep in mind when they are flipping these 100,000 houses and having 90,000 budgets left to use...  I would rather live in a crappy house in a nice neighborhood any day.. just sayin.

After Magnolia Market we headed over to Harp Design Co.
It's a pretty simple store, and I am pretty sure everything we saw in there was on their online site.
I fell in love with this headboard.. but I would never spend $900 for it.

After that we headed to grab lunch at Viteks BBQ, sadly it wasn't my favorite kind of bbq!

I had researched a little before we headed to Waco and I heard something about a place called
Junque in the Trunk, well my maps on my iphone totally took us to some other place
that ended up being a antique type mall.. (same road just different addresses i guess) It was nothing worth seeing in my opinion.. but the actual junque in the trunk might be if you ever head to Waco.

All in all.. It was definitely worth our 2 hour drive to visit and shop!
I'm going to try and talk my husband into the Round Top Antique Show for our anniversary!
wish me luck! :)


  1. oh I am so jealous you got to go to Magnolia!!! I dream of going there!

    1. it was sure a good collection of things! :)

  2. Waco is superrrr ghetto hahah! We have to go through there to get to my parent's and I am making Chris stop next time we head down to Austin! I love that light fixture you got!

    1. haha you should! and there was totally another light fixture there & online but it photographs nothing like it did in person on their site

  3. That's so interesting about Waco I thought the same thing while watching the show.. Figured it likely was the case you witnessed!

    1. haha i know I'm pretty sure me and my husband both had the conversation about some questionable neighborhoods in past episodes

  4. Love the chandelier you got! And seriously your girls are so cute; I can totally understand why all the older ladies were flocking to them. :)


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