Monday, March 2, 2015

snowed in with family in town

My sister and her kids drove down from Colorado,
and my parents came in for the weekend..
and go figure it was the only week we had
below freezing temperatures and snow
on the ground the entire time!

We were so happy they came anyways and had fun just laying low
staying cooped up in the house..
it's kinda easier that way anyways with two little ones!
The adults tried to play mexican dominoes one night
after the kids were suppose to be asleep
but somehow they all ended up (minus zoey) back
in the kitchen table with us sitting on available laps

My sister is about to move even farther away (to Portland) and having another baby
so her traveling is going to get pretty limited for the next while
so we were trying to take advantage of getting all together before she is due!

They all travel back home today and we sure are going to miss them!!

these two seriously had the best time together!

what would they do without netflix and stealing our cell phones?
(mines propped up on the right side of the pic)

my parents with the kids
carter will have a brother in may
so he won't be totally ruled out by girls!

sleep overs -- they convinced mimi to sleep in there with them every night!
my moms a good sport!


  1. What wonderful memories - and beautiful pictures of them!

  2. Lovely pictures! They are beautiful!


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