Thursday, March 5, 2015

Zoey 4 months

Little Miss Zoey
She is 4 months old,
She has the sweetest little giggle and smile that melts all of our hearts.
She has become very vocal and loud when she wants to be.
She loves biting on her fingers, still won't take pacis and slobbers like crazy.
She's grabbing things, holding our hands, "strokes" my chest while I'm feeding, finally started laying her head on our chest when we are holding her.
She's following people with her eyes and just taking everything in!
She has started looking less like Lexi's old baby pictures.. they are definitely their own person! However their hair is seeming to be the exact same so I can only assume Zoey's hair will start lightening up over the next 6 months.

We have been going to the Chiropractor for the last couple of weeks because she has always (since birth) favored looking to one side.. at her 1 month appointment the doctor noticed it and then by 2 months it seemed to stay the same so she mentioned if it wasn't looking better by 4 months then we would probably need to look into physical therapy and possibly helmet in the far future.. a couple of weeks ago I kept noticing things weren't getting any better and her flat spot on the side of her head seemed to be getting more significant. I happened to be talking to one of my friends and she mentioned that her husbands chiropractic office saw babies all the time for that and that it is a much more gentle approach than physical therapy so I started with that shortly after talking with her and I have seen so much more improvement on her neck movement in both sides. Her head is still a little misshaped but we are working on it :)

Today we went to her 4 month appointment,
She weighs: 12lbs 7ounces
Height: 24.3 "
Head: 15.3


  1. She is so precious! I love her tutu!

  2. she is so pretty! i love these pics and her smile! do you mind saying where you got her tutu? it is so cute!

    1. thank you!! My sister actually made it with scrap of fabric - floral patterns and lace! and it is to die for in person! Wish she could start selling them! but it probably cost an arm and a leg to do!


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