Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Weekend Recap

Lexi had been begging me to dye eggs so we finally set aside time
to do it last Thursday after Ty got home from work,
even though the package we ended up using was a flop
and all of our eggs ended up being kinda crappy.. lex still loved it!

Earlier that day Lex had her pre-school easter egg hunt,
I wasn't planning on going but the night before lexi told ty I was so I figured I better not miss it!
The last couple of school parties I have gone to she has always wanted to leave with me after it's over so I made sure to let her know she had to stay for the rest of the school day and she kept her word and didn't even ask to leave once it was time for all the parents to head out.
She is becoming such a sweet little girl and becoming
so much more independent than she used to be!
I always look forward to hearing how her days go in pre-school
and hearing about what all she is learning!
Last week when I picked her up one of her teachers told me she was like a mini me..
made my heart happy.. because she is always considered a "daddy's girl"
but she is my little side kick and i love her to pieces!!

Saturday Ty had to take the boy scouts sailing so luckily for me my parents came in town for the weekend and we headed to our local easter egg hunt. Lexi got her face painted like a little bunny and had fun with the inflatables and egg hunt! Oh and we were pretty excited about the food trucks.. me and my mom had In-N-Out and my dad and lexi settled for hot dogs :)

Saturday we did some antique shopping and later that
afternoon we dyed more eggs and did egg hunts in our backyard.
Sunday was suppose to be rainy so we were
lucky that Saturday we had gorgeous weather!

Sunday we had a big Easter breakfast and Lexi got to see what all the Easter Bunny brought her!
Over the last 2-3 years I think we have bought Lexi two different cameras and I have ended up returning them because they were really crappy and I didn't think they were even worth having..
so sadly this left Lexi without a camera.. she has been picking up my dslr a lot lately
and I have noticed how much better handling it she has been.
I have two nice cameras that have been just sitting in boxes
so I figured it was a good time to finally get them out of the box
and give Lexi one of my older ones as a Easter present from us.
She has probably thanked me about ten times for giving it to her
and I love seeing how happy it has made her!
I'll have to share a collection of her photographs once she builds up her portfolio ;)

The Easter Bunny also brought her this cute mermaid tail blanket,
isn't it seriously the cutest thing you have ever seen??
if you know of a little girl who would love one you can buy it here.


  1. Your local Easter egg hunt looks like the one we have around here, where they just dump the eggs in the middle and let the kids go. :-)

    I LOVE that mermaid tail blanket! I have two girls, so I may need to check that out!

  2. I am obsessed with your dining room chairs!!! Where are they from? You take the most gorgeous photos!

    1. Thank you, they are from World Market..


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