Thursday, April 23, 2015

my girls

Yesterday (two days ago as your reading this) I snapped a couple of pictures of Zoey (the ones below).. Lexi is hit or miss when she wants to participate and it's normally a last minute grab the camera kind of ordeal. So anyways today after I finished getting ready Lexi came into my room with this dress on.. she looked way too cute for messy hair so I put her hair up and asked her if I could take her pictures. (You don't want to take pictures of a 4 year old who is not in the mood) she replied with a yes.. then a no.. and then I pulled the reverse psychology trick on her and told her I had a million of Zoey and I hardly had any of her lately.. (she apparently pointed that out to Ty that I only took pictures of Zoey -- which is so not true btw) but that sold her! She was all for it and I didn't even have to tell her what to do, all creative poses were directed by little miss Lexi herself! ha She was kinda cracking me up with the things she was coming up with and keep in mind I'm only sharing a small portion! Gosh I just love these two sweet girls and feel incredibly blessed that they have each other!

Dress: Over the Loom - similar | another similar
Headband: Elle Bowtique
her prop ;) : Book of Mormon

Dress: DKNY brand from Consignment Shop
Headband: Elle Bowtique
Unicorn: Pottery Barn Kids


  1. Oh my sweetness I just love the prop she used...definitely the best prop!

  2. What beautiful little girls! Its a hit and miss with my 6 week old. He can be totally asleep in my arms but the moment I lay him down for a cute picture of him sleeping he is wide awake! This makes me want a little girl next time to dress up in such cute clothes and things. <3


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