Friday, April 24, 2015

road trip to arkansas

Ty had to head to Bentonville/Fayetteville area of Arkansas for a couple of work meetings, it's about a 5 1/2 hour drive from where we are so he was driving. We were able to tag a long on this trip but I wasn't too excited about it in the beginning because I wasn't sure how Zoey would do and it was only going to be a 24 hour trip because we had to be back by Saturday morning and his meetings were Friday. It ended up being so fun! We had good conversations and enjoyed some good ole family time! We left Thursday right after we picked up Lexi from pre-school and got to Fayetville for a late dinner. We tried Penguin Ed's a friend of ours had recomended and had some good bbq! I just love the rolling hills with all the greenery and trees!! It was such a pretty night! The next morning while Ty was getting ready for his meeting we landed ourselves downstairs of the hotel in pjs grabbing breakfast.. we sat in a little booth that had a personal tv so we tuned it to Sophia the First for lexi so she didn't miss out on her morning cartoons ;) It was actually really convenient because I didn't have to haul both girls and our food and drinks up by myself! We got ready and headed out and while Ty had his first meeting we found an antique store to stop in at and got Lexi her first troll and a princess ispy book for the road! We had a good 4 hours to kill before his next meeting so we headed to another spot our friends recommended and headed to see the first Wal-Mart. It was in a cute little downtown square and we stopped for lunch at the Station Cafe after we walked through the museum part!
We had a little more time before he had to be at his meeting so I convinced him to stop at another antique flee market mall then headed over to his meeting. We were almost all out of things to do while Ty had his last meeting so me and the girls headed over to McAlister's and hung out on the patio and ate. Then we headed back to Dallas.. all and all both girls did great on the drive.. I was worried with how much Zoey had slept for us she wouldn't sleep at nights.. but she ended up doing great and I even put her down to sleep that first night at the hotel without a swaddle and didn't even realize it until she woke up for her first feed.. so from there on out we have been swaddle free at nights! We have been arms out for a while now but I am glad we are done with the swaddle.. it was just one more step we had to do each night!



  1. The last picture of your daughter is breathtaking! Looks like you all had a great mini family trip!

  2. You should definitely take another family roadtrip to Fayetteville in the fall. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. beautiful pictures of your family. and the surroundings......the tulips, the street everything is so neat and just looks lovely. everything seems to be in full bloom, hope we`ll get a little more sunshine in good old germany too :)

    have a nice week!
    greets from germany


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