Thursday, May 14, 2015

bloom where you are planted

We bought a piece of furniture for planters at a yard sale for fairly cheap...well my plan was to sand it down since there was a really light beige paint on the piece and I had plans to stain the wood the same color as our patio furniture.. well long story short.. it's impossible to get that paint sanded off. We tried everything and the paint was like soaked into the wood.. so basically with all the wasted money on stain, sand paper, paint stripper, and tools with all of that we basically should have just bought a brand new piece haha.. my husband has told me plenty of times now that we are done with these kinds of projects.. the fixer upper kind hah!

so I finally got it all painted white and tried to distress the sides to at least give it a more weathered look..  but I'm glad we are finally able to use it! Lexi seriously loves any kind of yard work Ty does and couldn't wait to plant them. You always know when she really likes something because she always throws in a "this is the best day ever". She also likes to tell me when she's having "the worst day ever" haha she is kind of dramatic but i love her :)

I also picked up these planter pots (the ceramic ones that match) at Hobby Lobby for dirt cheap in their clearance section, fyi if you wanna grab them!

oh and how cute are those little seed packets.. I was face timing my sister one day and they came in their kids meal and I thought that was the cutest idea for a kids meal prize.. so she sent me a couple of packets since we don't have a burgerville around here! The chocolate mint plant was a plant lexi gave me for Mother's Day!

p.s. lexi's wearing a buglet bracelet we got to review with Moms Best Network
it made the Hot Product list and I seriously can't wait to
see it in action during mosquito season this summer!!
Read more about buglet here

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  1. Did the bug bracelet work? We have horrible mosquitos and I'm always looking for good ways to repel them!


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