Tuesday, May 19, 2015

holy home improvements goin on

Well, somehow this week was the week that installers
could come do various things around the house
and it all landed on the same couple of days
so our house is a mad house right now!

We have the kitchen going on - painting our cabinets white!
(this was my Mother's Day gift)
this was probably one of the biggest things
I was looking for when we were house hunting..
but go figure Tyson wasn't settling on whether or not the house had white cabinet or not
typical ;) no but seriously good thing hes more logical!
ANND he kept his promise that we would just have to paint them after we moved in..
such a good husband! :)
Today, is Day 2..
they will be coming back later today to finish everything up and do the second coat.
so for now we are eating out and trying to stay free of the fumes!

We also had the builders come out yesterday and fix random things
they have been to our house about a million times
fixing random stuff..  we have a year so we are making sure we get on top
of all that needs fixed and they always seem
to have to "come back and finish up later"  - kind of annoying

We had another electrician come out yesterday
and put an outdoor outlet for the lights
and had them hang our magnolia farms light fixture
we bought a couple of months ago.
We were putting it in an awkward high space that we couldn't get to.

Now today, we have Nebraska Furniture Mart
here installing the media room!
We are super excited for it all!!

perfecting where the screen is going to go.. it's going a bit higher ;)


  1. Can't wait to see before and after pics of your cabinets! If you don't mind sharing, what did it cost? We are looking to buy our first home and I need white cabinets for sure!!! Sarashleybrandon@gmail.com

  2. Looks like your house is pretty crazy right now. The outcome will be worth it I'm sure!



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