Saturday, May 9, 2015

it's all about these peeps

these three are my happy place.
it's been storming this weekend over in Texas
but lexi's cheer surprisingly didn't get canceled this morning..
the one morning i was secretly wishing it would because I was feeling extra tired.
zoey and her waking up every two hours doesn't help me out too much ;)
hope you all have the best Mother's Day tomorrow!!


  1. your girls are soooo pretty<3 If you lived near me, I would so use them as models<3 FYI I am a photographer, so I hope that did not sound creepy lol!

  2. Such beautiful girls!! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!
    XO Kelly

  3. your family is really adorable! the little ones are so cute! i have a "little" boy, he is 8. he made me a really sweet present for mothers day in school :)
    i`m proud to be a mum
    have a nice day!
    greetz from germany


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