Monday, May 4, 2015

our bath time routines

I try and keep Zoey's bath time to around 8:30 right before we put her and her sister down for bed. There will be the occasional day time baths like today when she had a lovely blow out. But for the most part I think it helps her transition for bed time! For the first 3 months of life I always bathed her in the sink with our puj tub, but ever since she got too big for the sink we transitioned her to the bath tub. Me and Lexi just laugh at how crazy her limbs are when she splashes around in the water and she totally knows when I'm getting her ready for a bath because she starts getting all giddy! She absolutely loves laying in the water and I make sure I don't fill the bath water any higher than where her little ears can reach to keep it at a safe amount while she lays in the tub.

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