Tuesday, May 5, 2015

warm nights

I have been having really bad allergies lately
and it is soo hard to stay in doors when the weather is so nice out!!
Saturday my allergies got to a whole new level and Sunday I woke up with swollen eyes..
Monday morning I decided that I would go to my allergy doctor
and try to get them under control since my essential oils
weren't really doing anything for them longer than a couple of hours.
Luckily I was able to go in and get a shot so I'm hoping they will get better!
Last night Ty mowed the lawn so I tried to stay in but it's kinda hard
when lexi comes running in wanting a jar for cricketts
and zoey had just woken up from her last nap
so I decided I would just suck it up and go out there..
I'm glad I did because these are some of the funnest moments of our day!
I just love when it's our little family hanging out
and I'm loving our new place we call home!
I think we are also all loving this new stage that a 6 month old brings to our family..
she is so smiley when you are interacting with her
and puts up with all of her sisters constant kisses and loves!
love that i was blessed with two sweet girls!!


  1. Such sweet photos! Love this time of year :)

  2. I love being in the backyard with my little family, just hate the California heat! By the way, that cricket looks huge!


  3. So sweet! I love that you're in Texas now and enjoying it! This weather is no joke though...the last 'round of rain we had stirred something up that got my allergies going BAD. I was super sick all last week and I rarely have problems. Hope you're feeling better!


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